Moments I want to remember...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We had a wonderful time with our daughters’ at the Cheetah Girls concert. Barbie and I got the notice months before the even and were so excited to take them, the day the tickets went on sale I was in Target and realized, "OHMIGOSH, the tickets", so I called Barbie and told her to quickly get online and order them, it was 1008 (tickets went on sale at 10) and would you believe they were sold out. YES, the Cheetah Girls, sold out. So, she looked at other places close to us and we ended up getting great seats in Hershey, PA. I was excited about that; I had never been there before and always wanted to take the girls. So, the day before I found similar shirts for all the girls and cheetah head bands.
We woke up Sunday morning and headed over to B’s house, took a few pics and got in the car for a BEAUTIFUL drive to PA. The drive was just amazing, leaves of all colors blowing everywhere, the mountains in the background, and horses and cows, quiet kids (cause I brought the dvd player), and time with my girl B, which was much needed.
We made great time, even with the stop to eat and got there 90 minutes early so we went to Chocolate World, lots of fun. I will definitely be taking them back this summer instead of King Dominion for the 29th time or something like that.
We headed over to Giant Stadium to get settled in for the concert. I accidentally snuck in my camera, no really, I took out the rolls of film, but forgot to take out the camera because we were rushing and THANK GOODNESS, cause I got some great pictures and everyone had their cameras. We had very good seats and the girls could barely keep their lil' bottoms in them.
The opening act was a new girl coming out on Disney in the next few months, she has a beautiful and powerful voice, OMG!!! She sounded like an angel, or what I imagine an angel to sound like. She did a few songs. Next came, the girl my baby Trish was waiting for.....Vanessa Hudgins!! THE SCREAMS increased to the point I thought, "Why did we do this" The girls all over the stadium in their cheetah attire all screamed at once and were so excited. She did a few songs and danced. I didn't care for her out-fit. Hellllooooo your target audience is all under 13 or so, dress a little more appropriate for young girls. She did good though. I can't believe they let her wear the clothes and do some of the dances though, she is only 17.
So, just when I though their is no possible way for these girls to scream any louder, Vanessa asked who was ready for the Cheetah Girls and the kids went CRAZY, like lost their minds crazy. B and I were ready for a drink at this point. We were a little nervous because the other two were so quick and short, but I must say the Cheetah Girls put on a serious show. It was very entertaining I believe to all of the audience. They did a great job and had SSSSSSOOOOOOOO much energy. They pumped up the girls and encouraged them. It was a really wonderful self esteem show too. I was really impressed and surprised at the over all show they put on and most important the energy they gave off the entire show.
When we left there the girls were all excited and very pleased, shrieking with excitement. We stopped at a little diner on the way home for dinner which we all ordered breakfast.
It was a wonderful time and it's so nice for the sisters to get to do things like this together. Thanks B for your love, friendship, support and sibling for my girls', I love you to the moon and back!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Why does 12 feel so much different then 11

Why am I so nervous? Every year as the day gets closer to my daughters’ birthday party I am so crazy, nervous, anxious, excited and really wanting it to be perfect. Although I am feeling some of those things already, the party is Sat. I am feeling much better about everything this year then years past. I only need to get two things and I am DONE, DONE people, does anyone understand?! I will not be running around freaking out and out of my mind Friday night and Sat. until two minutes before the party starts. I have even made a schedule for myself of tasks to complete leading up to Sat. so I am relaxed and not stressing my girls out before the party starts. Each year I am so frantic I end up yelling and them, like it’s their fault Momma is unorganized!! Well, not this year.

I am also VERY excited about this year’s party. My girls are going to be 12, twelve years old, WOW!! For some reason it is hitting me in the gut, HARD. I don’t know if it’s my own memories of 12, or if it’s because 12 is before 13 and 13 is TEENAGER, or if it’s because having boys at their party this year is a little different then years past. Maybe it’s “D” all of the above. I have cleaned out the playroom and it is now the dance room. Picture an empty room with hard wood floors a built in corner desk that will be used for snacks and drinks and a dimmer light, ouuuu laa laaa, NOT!!!

Sean is going to hook up bigger speakers to my little radio. I have picked out cds I hope they will enjoy, plus the girls have their own collections. I have also asked my bestest friend and the mostest coolest Auntie in the world to make them a cd for dance purposes and as presents for them, make them their own cds. The girls made their song lists last night, what a variety. I will add them tomorrow for my own memories, so I can make them laugh in about 20 years.

I am also a little nervous because only a few people have RSVP’d and I know that means nothing. So, I could have 20 kids show up or 7, who knows. I am prepared for whatever, I think. I am excited. Hopefully it will all be prefect for my darling young ladies!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Are two really any different then one

I have so enjoyed every moment with my girls, even the rough ones, and as they grow the time with them seems to grow more and more enjoyable. We can actually do things together and have fun together. Anyone who has kids should understand what I am getting at. Twins, every time I tell someone I have TWINS, they look at me in amazement and then comment something negative like, “Poor thing” or “Must be so hard”, which pisses me off. I mean if you only have twins and never had a singleton, do you really know any different. It’s kinda like I attribute my singleparenthood…if I were married when I had my girls and then separated, I might understand what it is like to have someone, but I wasn’t and I don’t. Of course I imagine it would be easier to some level, but then again, I imagine it to be more complicated too. When I think about when my little angels were tiny and try to come up with what was hard I think, #1 buying two of everything and then carrying two of everything. Two car seats, two monitors (heart monitors they were on for the first years, almost the same size as a diaper bag) and then the diaper bag, not a cute little one, a BIG one, because again you have two.

Anyway, I have had it easy, I guess, I don’t know any different or have anything to compare it to. When I try to think of moments that were horrible none really come to mind, ok one, but that’s it. One night when they were still tiny little things, Ty was on Albuterol (sp) and was crying nonstop. I meaning screaming crying like someone was hurting her. Meanwhile Tricia was having a night too and was CRYING, a lot. So, the two of them were screaming at the tops of their little lungs and I couldn’t comfort either of them to calm them down. A couple of hours had passed and I couldn’t take it anymore, put them in their crib and closed the door and went outside on the balcony for about 20 minutes. When I went back in Tricia had fallen asleep and Ty was still screaming, so I called the drs. And they tell me the people put the wrong dose or something any way turns out it was like if I gave my little baby some crack. She had no control over her energy filled body. They said it would last a few more hours and it did. Aside from that one night, I don’t really remember any hard times as far as they went. Now we had hard time in regards to things out of our control, like all the sickness and doctors and surgeries and hospitalizations, but nothing my precious babies did.

I remember lots of fun times with them; I remember being excited to take them on new adventures and to see new things. I also remember being excited to take them back to places they loved and wanted to go again and creating new memories with them. They are truly my little best friends. I love hanging out with them. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments of frustration, but they usually get the bad end of the stick during those moments. My frustrations aren’t because of them, I just need a minute now and again, as we all do.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is appreciate what you have and make the most of it, the situation at hand. Find all the wonderful things in that particular situation that stresses you and focus on that. For instance, when I had my girls at 27 wks, I was told they wouldn’t amount to much, one would be a vegetable and the other may walk, but with assistance. Look at my girls now, almost 12 years later and perfect, no disabilities. I think if I would have focused on what the doctors said they might not be who they are today. Instead I focused on my beautiful little babies and every moment that was pure and priceless. I received an email from a lady that read my story on March of Dimes share –a-story website and it gave me strength and my beliefs and my faith. Here is the letter:

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your girls with me...I could not
express to you how much it did to put a face to PVL....I just cannot
beleive how good your girls look and it is so nice to see them so happy and
healthy and doing things that every child should do. Again, thank you.
You are right. I will make a conscious effort not to do any more searches on
the net. It has done nothing but worry me to death.
I do really good when i am with Sophia, because honestly, she does not give
me any reason to worry...she is happy, healthy and very alert. It's really
when i am at work that i get on the net. I just finished my maternity leave
and went back to work on the 06th.
I love her and will raise her to the best of my abilities no matter what the
outcome, i will keep my head up and cuddle with her and love her to
death, as i have been doing..:))

Have a great day and thank you again!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pictures from their first Middle School Dance

Look how pretty and innocent they appear at the start of the night, before the "Friends" arrive!!
It was funny they stayed near by, but dance most of the time with different groups.

Trishy!!! Cutie Patootie!!!
Go Tyra, Go Tyra

Friday, October 20, 2006

I love training....

Inspired!! We had several different trainings this week, all of which I attended. I believe even if the training doesn’t directly affect my position, it can only give me more insight and as a recruiter, I need that. It gave me more then insight, it has inspired me. It has put a fire back in me to go for the goal and recruit like crazy. I couldn’t be more happy that I sat in on all the trainings and got the opportunity to talk with employees that I don’t usually get to see on a regular basis. In fact I see them twice a month, when we have staff meetings (which I missed the last one) and on Blue Jeans for Babies days (for March of Dimes). It was a great to talk to the newer employees and check in with them and see how they are doing. I am one of these people at work that truly cares about ALL of the employees here at our company. I develop some kind of something with them through the hiring process and it sticks. I got so much accomplished yesterday after training even as tired as I was. I have gotten so much done this morning as well and I am EXCITED!!!! I talked to my boss to about needing motivation and I unexpectedly got it!! WHOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOO

So, all this means I will have to start reading blogs at night and writing at night as well, cause while I am here I am going to Make a Difference and do MY JOB and DO it Well!!

Plans for the weekend, OF COURSE… My first love and I talked about possibly meeting up tonight for some dinner, but I am not sure if that is going to happen. Tomorrow, I would like to be motivated to take my girls apple picking and I am sure I will. Then Sunday is the BIG day the CHEETAH GIRLS concert. YIPPEEEE, thousands of little girls screaming at the top of their lungs!! It will be like the girls’ first dance last weekend all over again. Nahh, I am excited, not for me, but for my girls, this is a surprise for them which I have held in all this time. We got the tickets a couple months ago. They have watched the movie, The Cheetah Girls 1 and 2 so many times. ALSO…..duh…duh…daaa, one of the girls from Highschool Musical will be there as well. We are traveling up to Hershey, PA for this concert since it sold out in my area in like 6 minutes.

I tried to scan in pics this morning from the dance last weekend and my girlz night out last weekend, but something wasn’t working….. I am sad

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's getting chilly, but the weekends haven't slowed down

Last weekend was very full and many pics were taken (so what else is new, I know) from Friday’s school dance to Sat. night out with the girls and finally the park and pumpkin patch with the kids.

Friday night was crazy, the kids were off the hook, and I was amazed at some of the things I saw and a little frightened even. The first thing was a group of little girls putting make up on and at the end of the night, the same group taking it off with a travel pack of baby wipes. This is why I am a chaperone!! Just kidding (a little) Then the clothes, OHMIGOSH the clothes were off the hook. Some of these girls had the “twinz” out if you know what I am sayin’ and they can’t be older then 13 unless they failed or were held back and I am sure not that many of them could’ve have been. I mean not only were they out they were accentuated in every way possible. Aside from a few things and the principal stopping the dance to let everyone know they were dancing “Way to suggestive and sexual”, it was a fun night. I had someone come take my place out in the hall so that I could go in with the girls and I had a blast with them, they even let me dance a little, w/o embarrassing them. We had a fun time and my babies had the time of their lives thus far. All weekend they kept saying they wanted to start Friday over. Both of them danced too, it was wonderful; hopefully I got some good pictures. Between the girls and I there were 2 full rolls and could’ve been more, but I had to leave my purse in the office.

Sat. morning we had a yard sale; it was FREEEEEZING, for real. Made some good pocket change though and got rid of crap I didn’t need anymore. Aimee and I went shopping and we went out for Ladies night. Hope to post some pics from that night too. We had a good time, but I think had we went elsewhere we could have had a better time. It was a long day for some of us and we were pretty tired.

Finally Sunday morning we got up, I didn’t have to help my Mom move some stuff so I wanted to take the kids out and get some good fall pics of them. Aim wanted to go too. We dressed them up in orange and black shirts and headed for the Lake. We got some really beautiful pics. The kids had enough of our snapping away and finally just went to play.

BIG Sunday dinner complete with turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and stuffing. Then we all watched “Click it” together, it was a good movie!!!

What a weekend, although I wish I got a nap or two in there. ;)

Here are some pics of the beauty that happened on Sunday …

Momma and her girls!! I love these kids so much

This one is priceless, it made the whole day worth it, does that say "Fall" or what

Awww baby Nia, look how big and how stinkin'cute, but the one with the little pumpkin is even cuter, I will find it and post

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Inspire ME

It’s wonderful to have a friend that is so inspiring, actually friends!!! I have been working for the last month to get my room organized, all the summer stuff put away, clean out the closet of clothes I haven’t wore and just get it together. I am almost there. This past weekend, I got my desks cleaned off so that the girls can do their homework at them. Of course where were they when I got home, not at the desks, but they were doing home work. My next goal is to find some time to start exercising. I really want to get in to a routine, because if I can, then I will stick to it. In addition once I start exercising, all these other things fall in to place with it, more energy, eating better, feeling good and I want those in my life. SO, I am going to have to figure out a plan and then talk to my roomies. Right now things are kinds wacky cause I have the babies from the time I walk in the door until 7ish when the daddy gets home and in that time I am trying to cook dinner, wash dishes, get homework done and tend to the bambinos too. By the time the Daddy gets home and all that is done, I am ready to crawl in my bed in relax, but I am usually finishing up homework with the kids and then doing something else in the house/my room. I need to make it a priority. This morning I was going to try and get up early and go for a walk, but it didn’t happen. I woke-up; I just didn’t get out of bed. I need to DO IT. Hmmmmmm!! I gotta figure out how to make this happen. I also want to start walking at night. I was going to walk last night, but there were no strollers in the house. I am giving myself until Monday of next week to figure out how I am going to incorporate exercise into my weekdays. I am going to write up a plan for myself and everyone in the house to see and I am going to stick to it, like my life depends on it, which it does, doesn’t it?! I mean I need to be healthy before I start to have issues. I want more energy and to feel better. I will figure out a way to walk tonight and I will start my plan. I would also like to cut some of the carbs out of my life, but I just don’t know how…..I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

My girls did it, they got through the surgery

My babies did it and came out strong!!! Both of my girls had surgery last Thursday, I know what was I thinking, well if one was going to be laid up, why not both. It didn’t really hit me what I had done until they were laying in the stretchers side by side calling out for me at the same time. They did great though. I am so blessed to have such strong, amazing, incredible little girls. We arrived a the surgical center at 0630 and I think we only sat in the lobby for a few minutes before it was time to go back and get them ready. Ty was more nervous then Trish, but that’s normal in any situation. Trish has been to this place before and had surgery so she wasn’t so scared, more prepared. Ty was asking a bazillion questions which were answered attentively by her sister, the nurse and I. We got them dressed in their gowns, and I put on my robe, slippers, head covering and mask and we waited for the doc to get there. Trish went back first because her surgery wasn’t going to be as long. She had a tube removed from her ear and her turbs shrunk in her nose. I walked her back, held her hand tight, got her up on the table, kissed her as she dozed off and then the nurses told me I could leave, I didn’t want to though, it is so hard to leave your baby laying there on a table in someone else’s hands, even if I trusted that someone. I walked down the long hall back to Ty trying to hold back the tears so she wouldn’t be scared. She asked 100 more questions in five minutes. My Mom was there too, she helped calm her down and distract her from the fear on my face. It didn’t seem like to much time passed and they were telling me to bring back Ty now. She was shaking all over, her entire little body shivering with fear. I held her tight in my arms and helped her on to the table. I whispered, “I love you” in her ear over and over again as she breathed in deep and fell asleep, kissed her and then out they sent me. I went back to get our stuff to sit in the lobby and by the time we reached the lobby door it was time to go back for Trish who was waking up. Now I was beginning to think this wasn’t such a good idea. It took Trish a while before she really woke up and when she did she complained about how much her nose and ear hurt, got her more meds and she fell back to sleep. I sat there and just held her hand and rubbed her hair off her face. Again, time went so fast and the team came in to adjust things to bring Ty in and place her close to her sister, at Trish’s request. As they both really started to come to, they reached out for one another’s hands and looked for each others face’s, it was so sweet.

So, here we are four days later, Tyra is still laid up and hurtin’ pretty bad. Trish is back at school and doing great. I am going to call the drs about Ty cause she is still in so much pain. I am so proud of my super trooper girls!!!