Moments I want to remember...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My family

Here’s my family, some of them, my
Aunt and Uncle and their boyz

After all these years I have found my family again and met some of my cousins. It is amazing, family. I don’t even know how to put it in to words the joy I feel that I have family. I have always grown up with lots of people in my life and lots I have considered family, but nothing is like having your “own” family. The last time I saw anyone in my family, except my Mom, was when I was 5/6, in 1979/80 and was in MI where I recently went back to visit.

Last year my grandma passed and we went up there for the first time since I was little and reconnected and recently I went there with just the girls and me. We had a wonderful time. The best part, well all the parts are the best if you know me at all, is that my daughters’ now have had a chance to meet “MY” family. They have never asked questions, but I have always wondered if they have thought about it, especially since their Dad has such a BIG family and they have meet lots of people from his side and have lots of pics of them and his family. They asked about my Dad and when I shared with them I never met him before they didn’t ask any other questions about my side of the family. They expressed sincere sadness about me not knowing my dad, cutie pies.

Anyway we drove 9 and ½ hours to get there. We arrived last Thursday before Easter in the evening, my Aunt went out and got us pizzas and we all hung out for a little while. We had an amazing time and I got to meet two more of my cousins. There are still more cousins out there from my other Uncle who I hope to meet soon. The crazy thing is that you can really tell we are family. Check out these handsome young men, my cousins!!! Do you see the resemblance??? Crazy huh!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I had to have to teeth pulled last Friday and I have been in so much pain ever since. The positive though is I had my last smoke Friday morning at around 0800. I have been in pain from this stinkin tooth for a couple weeks now and it got so bad I had to go. It was the worst thing (not a harmonism) EVER, getting it pulled. I would have sets of twins over and over again before going through that. When it was finally out and all over with the dentist told me I needed to go was my face. As I was walking from the chair to the bathroom, the staff was starring at me all pathetically. I thought cause they just heard me screaming for the last 30 minutes until I reached the bathroom and looked in the mirror. OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! I had mascara above my eyebrows, on my chin, and in my ears, with some blood mixed in. I looked like I was raped and beaten(again, not a harmonism), it was truly that bad. I took a paper towel and did the best I could, but I just wanted to get the F&^% outta there. The dentist apologized many times and tried to explain to me why it was so bad, whateva!!!! He also told me I should have listened to him and not moved. He had to put Novocain straight to the nerve, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, and he warned me it would hurt but told me it was very important I didn't move. Not only did I move, I pushed his hand out of my mouth and SCREAMED!!!!!!!! Screamed cause he cut me with the drill when I was forcing his hand out of my mouth, oops, my bad!! Anyway, I am finally feeling better, somewhat, I am going to try and continue not to smoke!!! :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Head up North...

I am heading to MI today, St. Clair that is to visit my family. My long lost family that I saw for the first time since I was five last year. We had a great time and my kids were so excited to meet "my" side of the family Just the girls and I are driving up.

Say prayers for a safe trip.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Moment of Truth........(even the DJ is smiling)

My beautiful Baby


The night comes to an end and the babies start falling asleep

Pictures from the reception, wedding pics tomorrow

Mr and Mrs.
do you see me peaking through?

I know I look rough, but I got ready in
15 minutes, cut me some slack
Check out the girls, they never stop

Baby Noah arrives....he is the life of the party

Monday, April 10, 2006

A tribute to the newlyweds

What an amazing weekend filled with family and friends. Two of my close friends that I consider family joined their lives this past weekend in marriage. I would like to extend my heartfelt Congratulations to Danny and Barbie. I am also wishing the many blessings for a beautiful marriage and all the patience they will need along the way. On Friday I left work early to hurry and pick up Barbie’s wedding dress. Before heading to get that though I stopped and bought an arch for them to be married under. Every girl should have an arch, or at least that’s the way I feel. So, I rushed over there after picking up the dress. Got there and immediately ripped open the box to start assembling this arch, her Mom helped me. Once we got the arch all put together and went to stand it on its feet it just barely fit under the ceiling so I didn’t put the lights on it, just decorated it with tulle and flowers. Time was going fast and I am taking pictures like crazy of the beautiful bride, she looked ABSOLUTELY amazing, like an Angel. (Pictures coming soon) The best man hadn’t arrived yet and we were pushing it, so we went ahead with the ceremony and it just couldn’t have been more perfect or beautiful, most of all intimate with family and close friends. I am so excited for my two close friends and there future together. I wish them only good to come and a lifetime of love and happiness; they both truly deserve it and each other!!!! Congrats again to the both of you, I love you two so much.

The reception was just as perfected with the right group of people to make it perfect as well and the kids to add to the entertainment!!

What a wonderful weekend!!!