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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Wow, three weeks makes a big difference. These two little angels are only a few weeks apart.

Honestly I think it is the breast milk, can you tell which baby drinks it?

hee heee

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Middle School Orientation

I took the girls for orientation yesterday. They are going in to Middle School and I am just blown away. I mean it didn’t really hit me until yesterday when we walked in the school and cheerleaders are running around, there are lockers down the halls, but the punch to the gut was buying the gym uniforms. Standing in line I was fine, but when it came time to hold them up to them and figure out sizes, it was like someone took my breath away.

Immediately I started reminiscing about my first day of middle school and couldn’t believe MY kids were now going, granted I started middle school in 7th grade, but holy cow I remember it so clearly. I remember how nervous I was and how I went from very out going to kinda shy. Granted, I also moved over the summer and was going to not only middle school, but a new school as well where I didn’t know anyone. At least my girls know lots of kids and have also met some others that didn’t go to their elementary school at the pool this summer. I remembered my first crush and my first heart break, although neither was really significant, they felt very real during those years. I remember getting involved with the “Popular” crowd and pulling myself out quick and finding two plain Jane girls who I became best friends with and hung out with for those two years. I remember hating it because it was not a diverse school. We moved from the ghetto to a more prestige area and I freaked out. I remember changing for gym and everyone was so shy and I had no shame and was very confused about if we are all girls, why are ya'll freaks going to change in the little bathroom stalls? This will be my Tricia too, I think. I don't even know how to prepare them except to continue to be positive and encouraging and most of EXCITED because "this is soooo coool", AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

So, I am feeling all these things and walking my “Babies” around the school and introducing them to teachers and just numb to all that is going on around me because I can’t believe that these years have gone by so fast and where did they go? I do have a million pictures I can pull up to tell me where the years went, but it won’t help the scared feeling I have in my tummy for all that is to come for my babies in the next few years. All we will go through together and get through together, all the questions, the fears, anxieties, happy times, BOYS, hanging out, dances, crushes, heart breaks, secrets, tears, joys, emotions and so much more.

THANK GOODNESS I have a strong support of friends around me the girls trust because I know they will be calling you all as well!!!! My little babies that came out weighing less then 4 lbs together have grown in to these beautiful young ladies that I can’t be more proud of!!! I love you my Angels and Mommy is always here for you both!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Look at my babies, WOW!!!!!!!

How beautiful are my baby girls and their cousin!!!!!! Look how freaking happy and excited they are. This was right before Chris Brown was going to preform.

First concert for my girls

What a wonderful time I had with my girls and my niece on Sat. night. I got tickets for the three of them to go see the Chris Brown concert as a surprise end of the summer event. Of course I could only hold it in so long after I got the tickets because I knew how excited they were going to be. Wow, I had know idea how big of a deal the first concert would actually be, it required, hair done, new out-fits and shoes to go with, jewelry and of course a little lip gloss. The three of them looked really pretty.
On the way to the concert the girls are singing and screaming because they are so excited and I am smiling ear to ear because of their happiness. I remember my first concert; we got dropped of with tickets in hand. I was 13 and going to see New Edition. I remember the same excitement my daughters both had oozing out. So, as we get closer and they see a sign for the Nissan Pavilion they all start screaming.
After walking up a 100 stairs to the field we get settled around 6 pm, concert starts at 7. The girls BEG me to upgrade their seats when they see people getting up from the field and leaving. So, I said yes, but only if they didn’t ask for anything else. We walked around to find the upgrades and got great seats, even better seats because we moved up to the front row where no one was sitting. The show started and the girls, danced, sang and had so much fun. Of course I had to get pictures taken since you weren’t aloud to have your camera, I paid $1,000,000,000 to get these to pics taken, okay $20, but shit, that’s a lot for two little pics. However, after I saw them it was worth it.
The concert was great, very entertaining and lasted four hours!!! The girls had a wonderful time and I loved seeing their excitement, joy and awe of their favorite singer. Took us 45 minutes to get out of the lot, we went and ate at IHOP, we were all starving!!! Got home around 1:45 and when I woke the girls up to go in the house, they were still mumbling, “Thanks, Mom, you are the best”

oh the million dollar picture

There is one more of the three of them, but Blogger is F-in' up!!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

My Mom.....she knows how to get me....

I received this from one of my close friends today and it made me cry like a baby right from the beginnning reading it, so of course I sent it out.

Strongest Dad in the World
From Sports Illustrated, By Rick Reilly

I try to be a good father. Give my kids mulligans. Work nights to pay for their text messaging. Take them to swimsuit shoots. But compared with Dick Hoyt, I suck.
Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars--all in the same day.
Dick's also pulled him cross-country skiing, taken him on his back mountain climbing and once hauled him across the U.S. on a bike.
Makes taking your son bowling look a little lame, right?
And what has Rick done for his father? Not much--except save his life. This love story began in Winchester, Mass., 43 years ago, when Rick was strangled by the umbilical cord during birth, leaving him brain-damaged
and unable to control his limbs. ``He'll be a vegetable the rest of his life;'' Dick says doctors told him and his wife, Judy, when Rick was nine months old. ``Put him in an institution.''

But the Hoyts weren't buying it. They noticed the way Rick's eyes followed them around the room. When Rick was 11 they took him to the engineering department at Tufts University and asked if there was anything to help the boy communicate. ``No way,'' Dick says he was told. ``There's nothing going on in his brain.''
"Tell him a joke,'' Dick countered. They did. Rick laughed. Turns out a lot was going on in his brain.
Rigged up with a computer that allowed him to control the cursor by touching a switch with the side of his head, Rick was finally able to
communicate. First words? ``Go Bruins!'' And after a high school classmate was paralyzed in an accident and the school organized a charity run for him, Rick pecked out, ``Dad, I want to do that.''

Yeah, right. How was Dick, a self-described ``porker'' who never ran more than a mile at a time, going to push his son five miles? Still, he tried. ``Then it was me who was handicapped,'' Dick says. ``I was sore for two weeks.''

That day changed Rick's life. ``Dad,'' he typed, ``when we were running, it felt like I wasn't disabled anymore!''
And that sentence changed Dick's life. He became obsessed with giving Rick that feeling as often as he could. He got into such hard-belly shape that he and Rick were ready to try the 1979 Boston Marathon.

``No way,'' Dick was told by a race official. The Hoyts weren't quite a single runner, and they weren't quite a wheelchair competitor. For a few years Dick and Rick just joined the massive field and ran anyway, then they found a way to get into the race officially: In 1983 they ran another marathon so fast they made the qualifying time for Boston the following year.

Then somebody said, ``Hey, Dick, why not a triathlon?'' How's a guy who never learned to swim and hadn't ridden a bike since
he was six going to haul his 110-pound kid through a triathlon? Still, Dick tried. Now they've done 212 triathlons, including four grueling 15-hour
Ironmans in Hawaii. It must be a buzzkill to be a 25-year-old stud getting passed by an old guy towing a grown man in a dinghy, don't you think?

Hey, Dick, why not see how you'd do on your own? ``No way,'' he says. Dick does it purely for ``the awesome feeling'' he gets seeing Rick with a cantaloupe smile as they run, swim and ride together. This year, at ages 65 and 43, Dick and Rick finished their 24th
Boston Marathon, in 5,083rd place out of more than 20,000 starters. Their best time'? Two hours, 40 minutes in 1992--only 35 minutes off the world
record, which, in case you don't keep track of these things, happens to be held by a guy who was not pushing another man in a wheelchair at the time.

``No question about it,'' Rick types. ``My dad is the Father of the Century.'' And Dick got something else out of all this too. Two years ago he had a mild heart attack during a race. Doctors found that one of his arteries was 95% clogged. ``If you hadn't been in such great shape,'' one doctor hold him, ``you probably would've died 15 years ago.''

So, in a way, Dick and Rick saved each other's life. Rick, who has his own apartment (he gets home care) and works in
Boston, and Dick, retired from the military and living in Holland, Mass., always find ways to be together. They give speeches around the country and compete in some backbreaking race every > weekend, including this Father's Day.

That night, Rick will buy his dad dinner, but the thing he really wants to give him is a gift he can never buy. ``The thing I'd most like,'' Rick types, ``is that my dad would sit in the chair and I would push him once.''
Here's the video....

then I got this from my mom this afternoon:
Wow. Wish I could have been that good for you.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is it really almost over...

I can’t believe the summer is coming to an end. I think this summer seemed to go faster then any other and I can’t figure out why. The girls and I had a fulfilled summer and I look forward to relaxing and snuggling up in the fall and winter. I look forward to coming home and relaxing, not running around like crazy.

Let’s see this summer we
 Went to the beach/camping
 Went strawberry picking
 Went to a water park
 Saw the Broadway show Annie
 Threw two baby showers and
 Went to hospitals to visit those two new babies
 Went to the pool a bazillion times this summer, more then any other
 Went on lots of nature walks
 Went to the movies on a rainy day
 Celebrated a few birthdays
 Went to Kings Dominion
 Played in the creek, ewww, oh and the Potomac, ewwwwer
 The girls started tennis lessons

And we still have a few more adventures to go
 Of course the Pool
 Girls first concert (Chris Brown and Neyo)
 BBQ at Great Gma’s
 Another camping trip
 A day out in the country
 The zoo
 Slumber Party
 Pool Party

How many weeks are left?? How am I going to accomplish all of these tasks? I don’t know, but I am pretty confident we will get almost all of them in if the weather holds up for us. I am really enjoying the time with my kids, my friend’s kids and their lil’ sister this summer and all the wonderful moments we have been able to document and share.

The Summer Mommas

Almost there....

My baby and I chillin'

Summer Events

Water Park, check out my kids!!!!

Can anyone tell what we are celebrating?!!!???!!!

Wolf Trap to see Annie