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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

W.W. random

Just looking through pics I have saved in a folder...

How many pics of these two I have like this, I guess you can never have to many!!!!

I think I was 15 in this pic...what am I wearing??? AND WHY did I think I was fat then????

Lil Me!!!! I think I was four.

My Mommy!!!!!!! I love her!!!!! (why does she always look surprised in pics, she would tell you it's cause I remind her to OPEN her eyes.

Almost a year ago...seems like a month ago.....where did the year go??? (if I blogged more maybe I would know.)

At the zoo.......I love these girls!!!!

This pic just brings a smile to my face it also shows me why I invested a million dollars to put braces on my babies. HAA HAAA HAAA

Awwwwwwwww...summer...I miss you...and you to Nunus!!!

Just laugh cause it's funny!!!

TAKE ME BACK THERE.......someone???anyone??? PLEASE!!!

Family Day at the Park!

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Awesome - what a great, random assortment of memories.

    Me and Trish smashing our faces together. The pool! remember how afraid they were when they were little? And then that day at Cluss's place, it all just clicked.

    And I think that photo of the girls with Hannah and Elijah is the absolute

    By Anonymous Miish, At 10:02 AM  

  • I know they made me happy and what a random assortment there was in this one folder.

    In the pic you love that is D, Sean's son, not EJ. Funny that you said that though. Who knows where E was. I think Cluss took that pic, maybe??? I dunno.

    Is the day over yet??? Is it???

    By Blogger Harmony, At 2:07 PM  

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