Moments I want to remember...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

They grow so fast

Oh how they grow…I went to visit Tricia and Tyra’s Aunt and cousins last week. We haven’t seen them in a long time, a couple of years.

It was wonderful, we walked in, Auntie hadn’t told the kids we were coming yet, so they were really surprised when they came down stairs and we were standing there. I think I was even more surprised to see Tank, this lil man stands taller then me now, I had to look up to him…WTF….!!!!!!!! His voice was all grown except for the few high pitched tones thrown in every once in a while, a handsome young man. I wasn’t expecting that, I wasn’t ready for it and then Brit, is a little lady, my goodness. I remember throwing these kids in the tub together. I remember them staying up many nights playing with toys and then chatting and doing hair. I remember and have pics rocking Brit to sleep many times. We all sat around the table and talked for a nit and then Auntie and I went outside to catch up some. As we were talking I could hear the kids in the house laughing and catching up too, it warmed my heart!!! I am so glad we have reunited with them, cause you could see all the kids needed it and LOVED it. Of course I took a few pics, don’t have them back yet. (I am going to finally break down and get a digital camera) I twas really amazing how much Ty looks like her Aunt, I mean I know they are family and the girls lok a lot like their Dad, but it was CRAZY. She looked more like her then her daughter. When we were leaving we all exchanged lots of hugs and as we were walking to the car I hear Tank yell “I love ya’ll!!” Awwwww, my lil man all grown!! When he was younger we were very close and I am sad it has been so long. The girls talked about it all the way home and how much they missed them and can’t wait to see them again. What a great early Christmas present!!!

On a side note to ruin my beautiful post the Devil sent me an email: He is filing for Paternity Testing!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????

Of course I responded, sure ok, time and place. My only concern is the girls finding out, it would break their hearts and I am not ready for that yet, ever!

Hopefully I will have some time to update some pics in here soon.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is sooooo much fun, just try it

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pictures say it all

Look at my girl's face above, she is serious

So cute how they danced together all night

Yea, they think they are cool!!

even though they are the youngin's of the school

Friday, December 08, 2006

The shopping trip

So, the girls asked me to take them to Target the other night. Of course I make sure dinner is done along with Homework!!! They have been doing pretty good with all things except their room, but I am working on that too.

We get tin the car head to Target, I never even asked what they wanted to buy, so when we get in there and they follow me in to the clothes I am a little confused…”Wassup guys what are you doing, I thought you wanted to come here, why are you following me?”

OHHHHHHHHHHH, I should have known, they want new shirts for their dance, which is tonight, and YES, I am chaperoning AGAIN (smacking myself in the head)!!

So, we look around, don’t really find them anything so I take them to DOTS. I needed to go to a store near there anyway. I send them in to DOTS and head to the other store, get what I need and go find them. I walk in and Tricia is looking around at all the clothes and Ty is at the clearance rack (that’s my girl). They both come towards me cause the store is closing and we got to find something fast. Tyra tells me about this shirt but thinks it might be to big but she loves it, so I tell her to go get and she comes running back saying “Mom, you aren’t going to believe this, it’s only $3!! Oh I hope it fits, $3 mom!!” She is MY child, I spit her out and is ME ME ME!!! She may not look at me but when she smiles and her personality shines through she is all me. I love it!!! Turned out the shirt fit and because she only paid $3 she also bought herself a necklace and matching earrings. Trish on the other hand was very excited that she was getting two shirt for only $30. Who’s child is this, CLUSSY???!!!! She’s not allowed to hang out with you, cause I could do hear you saying “I got two shirts for only $30, can you believe that?”, not a bargain. Anyway, it was a neat experience to have as a mom and I enjoyed it.

It was also weird for them to go to the clothes section instead of electronics or toys. My girls are growing up. They got their hair done last night and paid for that too!!! I am so proud. We have the dance tonight and they are excited I am going to be there again, which is the best part of all of this!! I love those to something kinda special and really enjoy hanging out with them and watching them grow up so beautifully.