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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They are stars .....

The girls show was a success and much better then the park authority had expected!!! I went to all 3 shows and each was a little different but GREAT!! I think the best part of it all was the bond between the kids, the connections they had with each other is what made the show go off with ease after only 14 days of rehersal!!! You can read all about the director who is going to do big things with his dreams and this was the start!!!! HE was AMAZING!!!!!!! Smart, mature and in control of these kids he was only a couple years older then! I went to rehersals right after work on Friday the night of the opening show and was so impressed. I was also back there at 1130 on Sat and there until I think after 1000 that night, so I also bonded with them and they were all wonderful kids. are some pics and the link to the article:
I love this SHOT!!!!! We took like 9 pics to try and get everyon in the air with no success
The whole cast!!! Love these kids!!!
After the opeing show (see my Annadale Atoms sign in the back, so wierd to be back in my old school)
Just Chillin'
On Stage!
and the other on Stage
Posed pics on stage!!!!
The family in the front row...Hi Kiem in the second row!!
Auntie Mish...always supportin her girls!!! :)
and this is the Annandale Crew! We all have lots of memories good and bad in this place! The one in the white I haven't seen since '94. We were all feelin it bein back in there!
Kiem surprised the girls showin up cause he wasn't going to be able to come and I had already told them when they asked, so they were super excited when they looked out and saw him there!

AND THAT'S A WRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!