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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We had a wonderful time with our daughters’ at the Cheetah Girls concert. Barbie and I got the notice months before the even and were so excited to take them, the day the tickets went on sale I was in Target and realized, "OHMIGOSH, the tickets", so I called Barbie and told her to quickly get online and order them, it was 1008 (tickets went on sale at 10) and would you believe they were sold out. YES, the Cheetah Girls, sold out. So, she looked at other places close to us and we ended up getting great seats in Hershey, PA. I was excited about that; I had never been there before and always wanted to take the girls. So, the day before I found similar shirts for all the girls and cheetah head bands.
We woke up Sunday morning and headed over to B’s house, took a few pics and got in the car for a BEAUTIFUL drive to PA. The drive was just amazing, leaves of all colors blowing everywhere, the mountains in the background, and horses and cows, quiet kids (cause I brought the dvd player), and time with my girl B, which was much needed.
We made great time, even with the stop to eat and got there 90 minutes early so we went to Chocolate World, lots of fun. I will definitely be taking them back this summer instead of King Dominion for the 29th time or something like that.
We headed over to Giant Stadium to get settled in for the concert. I accidentally snuck in my camera, no really, I took out the rolls of film, but forgot to take out the camera because we were rushing and THANK GOODNESS, cause I got some great pictures and everyone had their cameras. We had very good seats and the girls could barely keep their lil' bottoms in them.
The opening act was a new girl coming out on Disney in the next few months, she has a beautiful and powerful voice, OMG!!! She sounded like an angel, or what I imagine an angel to sound like. She did a few songs. Next came, the girl my baby Trish was waiting for.....Vanessa Hudgins!! THE SCREAMS increased to the point I thought, "Why did we do this" The girls all over the stadium in their cheetah attire all screamed at once and were so excited. She did a few songs and danced. I didn't care for her out-fit. Hellllooooo your target audience is all under 13 or so, dress a little more appropriate for young girls. She did good though. I can't believe they let her wear the clothes and do some of the dances though, she is only 17.
So, just when I though their is no possible way for these girls to scream any louder, Vanessa asked who was ready for the Cheetah Girls and the kids went CRAZY, like lost their minds crazy. B and I were ready for a drink at this point. We were a little nervous because the other two were so quick and short, but I must say the Cheetah Girls put on a serious show. It was very entertaining I believe to all of the audience. They did a great job and had SSSSSSOOOOOOOO much energy. They pumped up the girls and encouraged them. It was a really wonderful self esteem show too. I was really impressed and surprised at the over all show they put on and most important the energy they gave off the entire show.
When we left there the girls were all excited and very pleased, shrieking with excitement. We stopped at a little diner on the way home for dinner which we all ordered breakfast.
It was a wonderful time and it's so nice for the sisters to get to do things like this together. Thanks B for your love, friendship, support and sibling for my girls', I love you to the moon and back!


  • This post had too much "screaming girl" and not nearly enough Chocolate World.

    Someday I will return to Hershey Park, and take that so-flippin'-sweet tour of their chocolate factory, where they put you in this little car and you drive by these anamtronic cocoa farmers.

    Then I'll get my picture taken with the giant walking Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. That's my lifelong dream for today.

    By Anonymous Lucky, At 2:42 PM  

  • Yes, I agree!!! This summer we will make up for it. We didn't have enough time to any of the fun stuff their. I want to see the
    3-d movie!! :)

    Maybe you can have a bday party there and request the RPBC. ;)

    By Blogger Harmony, At 2:56 PM  

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