Moments I want to remember...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vivian Green is Incredible

I went to see Vivian green last night and her show was amazing, but too short. She is a truly exqusite woman, she has a beautiful soul that shines through and she is REAL. Hard to come by these days in people in general. I relate to her music and her lyrics so much, some as if she took the words out of my mouth. She writes allk her own songs, made a comment last night that she writes from experiance and "puts all her business out there". She did a few new songs from the cd that just came out on Tuesday and a few from her last album (A Love Story), she is just an amazing singer/writer.

On the way home my baby called and told me he was coming over and I was very excited, all hot and bothered from the show and the sounds from the live band. When I told him I didn't have the girls, he asked me to come spend the night with him, so than I knew I was going to get some. So, I got there and we hung out, he played video game while I watched, which is fine, I like watching him get all in to it, serious and excited. He pulled me up between his legs to cuddle and I just tickled him with my new fake nails. I was so very tired, went upstairs to put jammies on, I got fully dressed back up to go see him in a different out-fit than I wore to the show. I have been making a point to look nice when I see him lately instead of all bummy in sweats and t-shirts.
I put on my tshirt and left my new pretty cotton white thongs on and crawled in to his bed. He joined me shortly after and by that time I found his "dirt bird" magazines and was looking through them. We searched for a movie to watch, no luck so he turned off the tv and kissed me good night, swallowed me in his arms and was snoring before I realized we were really going to sleep. I laid there rubbing him all over, almost, not that spot. Finally I couldn't tak eit anymore and I went for the gold, the big stick, the rod. I used my mouth to wake him up in more ways than one, favor was returned, I got what I wanted and went to sleep, started drifting off when he expessed to me, why can't we have a night where you don't take advantage of me. I wanted to say, "Cause I never know when I am going to see you next and I needed it", but instead I just pretended I didn't hear him. Than he said I wouold liek our friendship to be a strong bond than the sex. Hmmm, again, not so sure how to react, so I just switched subjects and than gave more thought to it today and have decided I will make more effort to not make him feel like my boy toy.

Mic check, 1, 2 ... 1, 2....

Time to get yourself in the driver's seat my Love!