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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lord, get me out of this FUNK

I don’t know what is going on with me but I am in this funk and can’t seem to pull myself out. There is nothing going on in my life that I can say “Oh this is it”. I have just been feeling BLAH and depressed. I hate it and I want out, but if I don’t know what’s causing it, how in the hell am I suppose to pull myself out of it? It’s so frustrating. I tried to sit down last night and make a list of all my little stresses and I can only think that all of them together are causing me this angst. I think once I move and get settled in my new place and get in to a routine I will start to feel much better, but when will that be.

Stress causers in no particular order of importance:

1. Money- I am broke, I know who isn’t
2. Halloween is coming quick and I still haven’t finished one daughters costume or bought the others.
3. Kids started new school, need to buy all new supplies, have a field trip this week that for both of them cost $62
4. Kids have to walk ¾ of a mile to and from school each day and I am just not cool with that, it’s a long time for them to be out there in the street and I don’t know how I am going to work my schedule out to be able to take them with rain and winter coming, it’s not fair to expect them to endure that, SUCKS.
5. My daughters’ have moved in to the new place and I haven’t and I miss them, it’s only been a day.
6. I need to start packing and just want to lay in bed.
7. My daughters’ birthday is right around the corner and I haven’t got any presents for them yet- $$$$$$$$$$$$$
8. Christmas is right around the corner- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9. I have to PACK!!! I have to PACK!!! I have to PACK!!!!!!
10. I am not sleeping good at night, maybe two hours straight through and I am so tired in the morning
11. I am unmotivated to do anything

Now, last night as I was laying in my bed praying and thanking God for all of my blessings and wonderful things in my life, I realize that I am sooooo blessed and it out weighs those few things above that are just a torn in my side really, so why can’t I just feel normal and happy? Why do I continue to want to mope around and wallow, why do I feel so depressed? I have so many wonderful things/people in my life that I am thankful for and I know God has always taken care of me and I have NEVER wanted or needed for anything, in one way or another everything always works out just as it should in God’s plan and I believe in that and I know from experience after experience that it never fails. I trust in God and I continue to put my life in His hands and trust that whatever happens is how it is meant to be and it always is positive, SO WHY AM I FEELING LIKE THIS??????

You know your from N. VA when.......

1. Speed limits are just suggestions
2. You take a major highway to school (95, 66,28, etc)
3. You constantly complain about there being nothing to do, even though you are right next to DC
4. You have at least 2 friends who have no idea what their parents do because its "top secret" government work
5. 50% of your senior class plans on going either to Mason, JMU, Tech or UVA
6. When people ask where you're from, you tell them DC because its easier to explain
7. You've never told someone you're from Virginia without putting "northern" in front of it
8. When you and your friends get bored you all whip out your cell phones and start playing with them
9. Its not actually tailgating unless your bumper is touching the car in front of you.
10. A yellow light means at least 5 more cars can get through.
11. A red light means 2 more can.
12. It takes you 30 minutes to drive 10 miles
13. Your local news is national news
14. If you hear the word "sniper" one more time you're going to slap someone
15. You actually know what the black boxes at stoplights are for
16. Even if your high school is only a year old, its already overcrowded
17. You have over 500 students in your graduating class
18. Despite the fact that Virginia fought for the south in the Civil War, you are NOT, under ANY circumstances, a "southerner"
19. You are friends with people from at least 2 other high schools
20. You know at least 2 people who drive a mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc.
21. The cars in the student parking lot are woth 3x those in the teacher parking lot.
22. You are amused by visiting relatives who are actually excited to see Washington DC
23. You are amazed when you go out of town and the people at McDonalds speak english
24. You can cross 4 lanes of traffic in under 30 seconds
25. There are at least 3 malls within 20 minutes of your house
26. There are at least 6 Starbucks within 20 minutes of your house
27. You or someone in your family has a Smart Tag
28. Homework/Extra credit for a class has been to visit a museum in DC
29. When traveling, you have your choice of 3 airports
30. You don't actually like the Redskins/Wizards (except when Jordan was playing)
31. An inch of snow and you miss 3 days of school
32. All the potholes just add a little excitement to your driving experience
33. Stop signs mean slow down a little, but only if you feel like it
34. A rich white kid driving a BMW while blasting rap music is a common occurance
35. You call things "ghetto" even though in most of the rest of the country it'd be high class
36. You or most of your friends have a 3 car garage
37. You don't actually keep your cars in it.
38. When you were driving on the beltway at 2:13am on a Tuesday there was still traffic
39. Crown Victoria = undercover cop
40. A slow driver is someone who isn't going at least 10mph over the speed limit
41. You understand the meaning of "If you don't get it, you don't get it"
42. Subway is a fast food place. The transportation system is known as Metro, and only Metro
43. You've taken a wrong turn somewhere late at night and ended up in a bad part of DC(ex. anacostia)
44. Most of Loudoun County is the "middle of nowhere"
45. They just tore down the old farm house across the street and put 12 new houses in its place
46. The word Hfstival actually means something to you
47. Someone has honked at you because you didn't peal out the second the light turned green.
48. You've honked at someone because they didn't peal out the second the light turned green.
49. Rush hour lasts all day
50. For the cost of your house, you could own a small town in Iowa
51. Helicopters and airplanes flying above your neighborhood is a normal occurance.
52. 9:30 isnt just a time, its a place.
* Added by other people *
53. If you stay on the same road long enough, it will eventually have 3 new names.
54. You have to dial the area code to call your neighbor
55. You live 5 minutes from at least 2 high schools, but you go to one thats 30 minutes away.
56. You know at least 3 alternate routes to avoid sitting at a stop light.
57. You can't pull up to a 7-11 without seeing at least one cop, and usually there's another cop sitting not too far away.
58. You refer to distances in minutes, not miles.
59. When you put on your turn signal to change lanes, the people next to you speed up.
60. Talking on metro in the morning is prohibited

Happy Halloween

Have fun!!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Welcome my new addition to the family, Tobie.

So, I have been looking for a dog for a couple weeks now. Our new landlord said we could get a dog, but she preferred a big dog to a little one, preferably a lab. Well I decided to go to the local shelter last night, they are open til 8 on Thursdays and I dragged Aim, my new roomy to be with me. We walked around looking at all the dogs and then she stopped and fell in love almost immediately with a beautiful black dog. I kept looking, walking up to all the cages looking at all the little faces in there and she kept telling me, “this is the one.”, we asked a volunteer to bring out the dog so we could see how she reacted to us, OH MY!!! She was so excited to be out, jumping all around, hyper, and playful. On the other side of the cage, with a couple, is another black lab very calm and relaxed, as the volunteer is taking her in I ask if we can see her too. So, Aim and I leave Hyper and go next door and she doesn’t really respond to us, seems sad, but has lots of love in her eyes. Aim suggests we get both, I am not sure about that, but she convinces me quit easily, so we put them in one cage together with, T and T Aim and I and the volunteer tells us they have been together inside for a while as mates. So, we leave with two BIG full grown labs and I am so happy, so is Aim and I love it. I don’t have an actual picture yet of my baby, but this is what she looks like, her name is Toby. She is 6, comes from a military family that had her since she was a puppy and they just got deployed and couldn’t take her. I think that’s why she is sad. She knows commands; sit, shake, stay and showed me last night. This morning she pepped up when I asked her if she wanted to go outside. She slept at the foot of my bed the whole night. :)

I am happy!!!!!!