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Monday, May 19, 2008

Extra Baggage

So, I started working out with Aim I guess mid January this year. I did it because I was tired. Tired all the time, and that IS NOT ME!!! I am an energetic person, I am full of life and joy!! In January though with the start of a new year, I was not. I am a morning person, always have been, even before kids (I think). Before I put on the extra 50lbs from the weight I once maintained for 8 or so years. Even after the girls (I know I only carried to 6 months but still I put on some pounds) I was TINY!!! well for me, some might beg to differ that I was ever "tiny".

Anyway... I used to look forward to waking up early on Sat. mornings and I had gotten to a point that I did not like to get out of bed until my body just wouldn't sleep anymore. Having teenagers rocks cause you can stay in bed pretty much as long as you like.

So, when I finally made the commitment to get my ass to the gym with hope of weight loss but expecting to get my energy level back to where I was comfortable I had no idea I would feel this good and MISS exercising when things came up that cause me not to be able to get to the gym. At least I always walk my dog EVERY night, so that is a little sumtin sumtin.

So here we are pretty much 4 months later and over 30lbs gone and I feel great. I have always been comfortable in my body, a blessing from my Mom. She raised to me feel comfortable in my skin regardless of my weight, she also passed down to me amazing genetics of a curvy figure regardless of weight. 135 or 150 or 175 or 207 I have always had a hour glass figure. Thank you Mom!!! Also inheritted from Mom is the way I gain weight it doesn't stick to one area, like most women, from what I hear. It distributes kinda nice and even through out my body. So, gaining weight hasn't really bothered me over the years, I mean, I am a woman and conscience of the way people look at me, but I didn't really care. and I had the disease opposite of anorexia. (another gift from my Mom, apparently, she has it too) I look in the mirror and regardless of weight I think I look damn good nekked!!! HEE HEE what a great way to see yourself to some extent, not a healthy way, but life is less stressful that is for sure. The lack of energy bothered me. The way I came home everyday after work and my schedule went like this....crawl in bed for 90 minutes or so and rest, get up cook dinner, eat and then back to bed to relax and watch tv, walk the dog but only to the corner (poor Tobie) and then brush teeth and go to sleep. In the mornings I would stay in bed as long as possible, like I needed it and through out the day felt like I needed a nap after a couple hours of working. ACCCCCCCCKKKKKKK... it makes me sick thinking about it.

Back to the positives. I HAVE my ENERGY back. I love to wake up now, I am excited about getting out of bed. I come home and I get my work out clothes on, cook dinner, hang out with my girls, walk the dog, exercise, walk the dog and have some time with the girls and then me time. ;) I feel so much more productive and happy, like ME!!!

Here are some before and after

November 2007

May 2008

I look happy either way and that makes me smile!!!! :)