Moments I want to remember...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday Drama

My girls are doing a theatre camp for a "High School Musical" production. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited when I found it and even more excited to get the discounted rate which saved me ummmmmmm about $400 that I don't have! I would have paid it though for them to have this experience and for Princess to figure out if she REALLY likes drama or not. She always talks about it and the love for plays, theatre, musicals, but I don't know that she ever thought about the work that goes with the beautiful end piece we watch. So, most places prepare for months...not these inexperienced kids, they got three weeks!!!! Three weeks to learn all the songs and dances, which are different then the ones Princess has learned from watching the movie 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times, because of copyright issues. So, new songs, new dances and lines. Not as easy as either of them were anticipating. Angel face on the other hand who had no expectations cause she didn't want to do it (but Mommy made her) really likes it. Go figure!!!

Sooooooooo, here is the Monday part. First day is Monday and I bring them to work with me and we get in the car to head over to the High School where they will be doing their thing. It is not just any High School, it is MY High School, the one I went to all four years and graduated from, the one I have nightmares about more often then I think I should. So, as I am driving up in the school, passing areas that hold four years of memories for me, so many feelings are coming back and it is CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Then I pull in front of the school and we are rushing in and when I stepped in there, even more crazy feelings. I haven't been back there in eeehhhhmmm...15 years. I stepped in and just looked around!! The smell was still the same and even the feel, all though they have remodeled lots. I took dramam in high school, so I was hoping I knew where to go and sure enough, that hadn't changed. It was an experience I wasn't prepared for and overwhelmed me. After I got them settled and left the room, walking back through the school, I walked really slow and took it all in. Then I looked around and saw the PLACE, the place from my dreams, where I am lost and it was exactly the same. I had to check myself, but who knew. I sure as hell didn't. Day #2 I just pushed them out of the car and kept on going and will continue to do that for the next several weeks until it is SHOW TIME and I get to go in there again. Nostalgia is a crazy thing. Last two nights before bed I think about the school and that I am going to have the dream, but I haven't.

Oh and the girls think that it is the COOLEST that their Mommmy graduated from there and WENT to that school. I love that part! and I CAN NOT WAIT to see them on the same stage I was once on. I am a big dork I know

Thursday, June 19, 2008


My sister is my heart.She opens doors to roomsI never knew were there, Breaks through wallsI don't recall building. She lights my darkest cornersWith the sparkle in her eyes. My sister is my soul. She inspires my wearied spiritTo fly on wings of angelsBut while I hold her handMy feet never leave the ground. She stills my deepest fearsWith the wisdom of her song. My sister is my past. She writes my historyIn her eyes I recognize myself, Memories only we can share. She remembers, she forgivesShe accepts me as I amWith tender understanding. My sister is my future. She lives within my dreamsShe sees my undiscovered secrets,Believes in me as I stumbleShe walks in step beside me, Her love lighting my way. My sister is my strengthShe hears the whispered prayersThat I cannot speakShe helps me find my smile, Freely giving hers awayShe catches my tearsIn her gentle hands. My sister is like no one elseShe's my most treasured friendFilling up the empty spacesHealing broken placesShe is my rock, my inspiration. Though impossible to define, In a word, she sister.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Summer----Time!!!!

Today is the last day of school which mean my girls are about to go in to CHILL mode, where they sleep until noon and when I cook dinner it is lunch to them!!! I am sooooooooooo jealous. I am working on a list of chores to keep them busy this summer. I am also going to find some english and math activities, along with a few books they WILL read. I know at first they are going to think I am MEAN and it is SUMMER MOM!!! but I don't really care cause I am the Mom and well I have that power. I know they like when they accomplish tasks and it makes them feel good inside even if they fight me to do it at the start. They have gotten really good about doing what I ask of them like dishes, cleaning the bathroom, putting away their clothes, picking up the room. They get excited about their accomplishments. So I am going to make sure they have some excitement this summer ;) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I mean they just got back from camping, next month they are going to TX for almost two weeks, then we are going to the Jonas Bros. concert, and then to FL for a week. Come on!!!!!!! They better do everything and then some with a smile!!!!!!!!
So my Rocker Child finally got Guitar Hero and is IN LOVE with the game. Come to find out she is not the only one in the house in LOVE with the game. We came home the other night and found Gma sitting on Princess' bed TV loud, rockin out with the plastic guitar in hand, oh and in serious concentration mode. I think we all laughed til our tummies hurt. So, now Rocker girl and Gma have finally found something to really bond them. She loves that Gma wants to play and learn and is happy to sit and watch her get a 100%. Me, nahhh, not so much!! They both try to convince me to play at least twice a week. I really just have no interest and I don't like the songs, so there you have it, Gma is KEWL and I am not.
In other news I am back to the gym and OH HOW I LOVE IT. I have had bronchitis the last two weeks which makes exercising next to impossible, even walking the dog was exhausting me. So I went to the gym on Tuesday and yes the cough is still lingering but I pushed through it and by the end of my work out I was the only one left in the gym. Ummmmmmmmmm, I don't know, maybe my hacking all over my hands and then the machine. HEEE HEEEE!!! I wiped it down after. I went again last night and not as much coughing and I burned 50 more calories then the other night in the same amount of time, GOOOOOOO ME!!!! I am hoping with the break and getting back in to the routine, my body is gonna be excited and I will continue to shed!! I bringin SEXY back!! LOL that was for my other Princess T!!!!

Gma ROCKIN out!!!!!!!! This is how we caught her, she is still in her pjs.

Sisters!!! This pictures makes my heart warm and fuzzy inside, the details of it and how much these three love eachother and the bond they have!! Doesn't have anything to do with the post it just makes me happy