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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A busy weekend that was wonderful

Friday I got off work and commuted home with the guys, which is always a good time! I couldn't wait to get home and start my weekend!! YEAH! M.F. was suppose to come over and bring the girls their shoes he customed designed for them. I didn't tell them, just in case he decided not to show. I started cooking dinner and hanging out with my girls, cleaning the kitchen and Ty says.."Is M.F. coming?" I look out the window and what do you know, he is here @ like 530. The girls attack him as he walks through the door, adorning him with hugs and love. Ty slickly (is that a word, I don't think so) asks about the boxes in hand. While I go back to cooking he finally gives in and gives them their shoes. They screamed with excitement and jumped up and down, more hugs and love, more screams. You could see the excitement in their eyes. We ate dinner and hung out. It was a nice night.

The Shoes...

Saturday I slept in..made some breakfast..watched some Lifetime and headed over to J's house for a gathering of the sisters. The girls were soooo very excited to see their sisters. J bought pumpkins for them to carve also. We drove the long drive there and hung out for a few hours, it was really nice. The girls had a wonderful time together.

Sat. night Ty had a friend over and Trish stayed with her sister T.

Sunday we went apple picking, the girls and their friends and I.

Pics to come!!!!!!!! :)


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