Moments I want to remember...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happppppy Birthday to us!!!!

I love you Angel Face!!!! And I look forward to a wonderful and blessed year for the both of US!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Storm before the Calm???

One of the worst days of my life, probably the most emotional since Ryan and I broke up almost a year ago. My daughter walked in the house last night and all her hair was GONE, that’s right, GONE. My friend’s Mom cut it off. Didn’t say anything to me, didn’t ask me just tied her hair up in four little ponytails and cut. My heart is broken. I didn’t even know what to do but go up to my room and cry. I felt angry and enraged and wanted to hurt someone. All I kept saying to myself is …”Why” and “WTF”. I can’t even put my baby’s hair in to one ponytail. It is so short in the back that it just sticks out and uneven from every angle. I am still sick, working on getting over it, but SICK and disgusted that someone has the balls to do this. I brushed her hair out to see how truly bad it was and lost it. I threw on my sweat jacket and tennis shoes and went running out in the pouring rain, screaming and crying. I am so upset because 1. She had NO RIGHT 2. My baby loved having long hair 3. My own issues of when I was younger and couldn’t grow my hair out 4. SHE HAD NO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called my Mom and she of course wanted to call her which would have done NO GOOD, so I said NO, but she talked to me until I calmed down. I went back home and hung out with the girls for a little and got them to bed. I laid down in bed and cried myself to sleep. What a day!!!!

This morning I wok up to sunshine and my beautiful daughters’ standing above me with a precious present for my Birthday, earrings and a necklace, I love it. I also working on letting this go, because there is really nothing I can do about it at this point.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My computer is down

Our computers are down and this is the one day I have to write and I gots nothin’, aside from I am tired. Our computers are down and have been since I got in at 0730 this morning. My boss said something about taking a half day of vacation, but since I commute in and my co-workers have access, that won’t work. Our phones just came up at about noon, but still no access and no internet, stinks. I did get my desk cleaned out and my drawers, I organized everything. Then I cleaned out my computer, the parts I could access. There is one area up on my floor that has access and everyone is crowed in that room, I have never seen so many people in that area in the four years I have been here. It’s kinda funny, that nobody really seems phased by it, except for our IT staff that is running around with their heads cut off trying to get us back up. So, today has been almost like a work function where we get to see everyone from all the different teams, I love it.

I am one of those rare people out there that is fortunate to have a wonderful job with a company that I love and enjoy. I really enjoy almost everyone on our staff in and out of work. This past Friday our CEO got us (and our guests) tickets for the DC Improv, which was so much fun. Then after the show a bunch of us went to a bar to hang out some more, we had a blast, all of us!!! Our company really is like one big family and our CEO is the Mom and she does the most amazing job ever keeping us in line as well as making sure we are happy and enjoy ourselves. She also cares, truly about her employee and knows our names and kids or spouses as well. Here’s an example; when I finally got custody of the girls I was so excited, CEO had been pushing me for years offering nothing but support, so when I got it she was one of the first I wanted to tell. When I walked in her suite she was in a meeting with many people, but from way across the room she caught eyes with me and gave me a thumbs up and when I returned it she mouthed “Congratulations” and gave me the warmest smile. A few days later I received a personal card in the mail (hallmark) telling me how proud of me she was. I mean, really, does anyone else have a CEO as amazing as mine? I could go on and on about her, but I won’t! Bottom line is she has done some absolutely amazing things and I have so much respect for her.

Update: My computer came back up at 3 yesterday and I leave at 4

Friday, June 16, 2006

Welcome new baby sister

The Devil (baby daddy) has done it again….had one more baby and another girl too. A few weekends ago B and I decided to head over to the new baby momma’s house, J and introduce T and T to their new lil’ sister and hang out for a bit. The three girls were very excited, even though Titi has seen her lil’ sister many times from the Devil picking her up and taking her over there, however this was my girls’ first time. B and I weren’t sure how it was going to go…..can we say “Awkward!!” B and I have been best friends before J came in to the picture, so for the three years she has been around she has seen B and I together hanging out and has heard of our vacations together and stuff from the Devil

It was all good though, she is going through a lot and with a brand new baby it just makes it even harder. We let her vent and reassured her that the things that were going on weren’t how it should be and that she will get through this and over it. While we were chatting the girls were playing with the baby. It was a nice time and I am glad the girls were finally able to meet their new sister.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's Official

What a day, I had no idea all the emotions that would come with it. My daughters’ graduated from elementary school today and are moving on in to Middle School. The last two days have been crazy at home as they have been trying to figure out what they wanted to wear and how they wanted their hair done, along with waking up at the crack of dawn, literally because of the excitement it brings, not just getting out of school, but moving on to a new school. I guess I hadn’t even really thought about what was going on, I just couldn’t wait for summer to get here and school (homework) to be done. This morning when I arrived at the school and as I walked in I felt happy and sad at the same time. It hit me out of no where that my girls are going in to middle school (they are growing up). All the parents and grand parents were dressed up, cameras hanging from everyone’s wrists or around their necks, and smiles all around. I went in and sat down and looked around at all of the proud parents. Things settled down and they announced the kids would be coming in, I stood up with camera in place and couldn’t wait to see my girls. I tried to take pictures of their friends too as they walked in to sit down. The ceremony was beautiful and I really had to fight to hold back the tears so I didn’t embarrass them. They called each one to the stage and gave them a certificate, shook hands of their teachers and the principal. I took TWO rolls of film in a matter of three hours and then loaded it with a third and left it for the girls to take more. I can’t wait to see the pictures; I am actually as excited as they are to see them. I took a bunch of them and their friends with their t-shits the school had made for them. It had all the names of the fifth graders in their signatures in the ’06 part. They put those things on as fast as the teachers could hand them out, the boys’ changes right in the class rooms. Of course I got pictures of the girls with the set of twin boys and they all acted as though it was so horrible, but I know they loved it, the girls, anyway. My babies are growing up and will start yet another adventure in their lives. I am so proud of them and so proud to be their Mommy. I love you both my angels!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My favorite place in the world, my safe spot

What a weekend, a wonderful weekend, full of good times, laughter and friendship.

Started off the weekend Friday with a smooth drive to the beach in the morning with my favorite girls, my kids and Banana, we had an easy drive to Assateague Island to set up camp. We had to wait until two for check in, but that was only about 30 minutes wait and our greeting of some of the others (B, Danny, Lil’ T and Sauuuuuuul) that arrived took about that long. We finally got to our spot and it was perfect, not that far of a walk to the beach and right next to the bathroom for preggy B and the kids. We all pitched in and set up camp, then while the guys finished up, the kids were up on the beach, B and I headed to the store for food and alcohol. Cluss arrived a little later, of course after everything was set up and food was on the grill!!! :) The clouds came and went and came back again with a lil shower here and there, but nothing that sent us to our tents. We had a great night and the potatoes were PERFECT (like celery, only the little ones cooked all the way through, but not if you let D.D., Drunk Danny, tell it) he fed them to us all night. As soon as he turned I popped them out of my mouth and in to the fire. I think excluding kids and B, we all drank wayyyyy to much, or at least I did. The other three drinkers, C, D, and S seemed fine int eh morning. Sat., we woke up to some clouds and then the sun peaked out so we all ran to the bathroom to get our bathing suits on and while we were in there changing, POORING DOWN RAIN started. We kept hoping it was going to pass, waiting, looking for any little glimpse of light, but nothin’. The kids went stir crazy in their tent while we hung out having the time of our lives in the big tent as rain dripped through both tents. Finally we broke down and went to meet my Mom and Alex for some “linner” as my kids call it (lunch and dinner), or “dunch” at the crab house around the corner. Still raining an hour + later, so we broke down and decided to get a hotel. Not even five minutes after paying for the rooms, the sun breaks through the clouds and we have a beautiful evening. We take a long walk on the boardwalk and played in the heated pool. Cluss and I had a little game going on with this ball until our arms were so sore we just couldn't throw it back in forth, but it made us laugh until our tummy muscles were sore and we only let the kids play with us for a little while and went back to just her and I, we're so "selfish" and "MEAN"!! Turned out to be wonderful. All fell asleep before midnight. Sunday we woke up to sunshine, beautiful sunshine, nice breeze, a few puffy clouds, it was great. We packed everything up, my Mom reserved the spot for the day and we hung out on the beach til 230, showered and rolled out. The ride home was a breeze until I ran in to a HUGE ACCIDENT with multiple cars and an over turned truck. I was right near and exit so I called B cause she knows MD and got off. I had to stop at a gas station cause I was going through neighborhoods, realized I was in SE, got help and got home fast then I think if I went the other way. Anyhoo, what a nice relaxing weekend at the best place in the world.