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Thursday, June 22, 2006

My computer is down

Our computers are down and this is the one day I have to write and I gots nothin’, aside from I am tired. Our computers are down and have been since I got in at 0730 this morning. My boss said something about taking a half day of vacation, but since I commute in and my co-workers have access, that won’t work. Our phones just came up at about noon, but still no access and no internet, stinks. I did get my desk cleaned out and my drawers, I organized everything. Then I cleaned out my computer, the parts I could access. There is one area up on my floor that has access and everyone is crowed in that room, I have never seen so many people in that area in the four years I have been here. It’s kinda funny, that nobody really seems phased by it, except for our IT staff that is running around with their heads cut off trying to get us back up. So, today has been almost like a work function where we get to see everyone from all the different teams, I love it.

I am one of those rare people out there that is fortunate to have a wonderful job with a company that I love and enjoy. I really enjoy almost everyone on our staff in and out of work. This past Friday our CEO got us (and our guests) tickets for the DC Improv, which was so much fun. Then after the show a bunch of us went to a bar to hang out some more, we had a blast, all of us!!! Our company really is like one big family and our CEO is the Mom and she does the most amazing job ever keeping us in line as well as making sure we are happy and enjoy ourselves. She also cares, truly about her employee and knows our names and kids or spouses as well. Here’s an example; when I finally got custody of the girls I was so excited, CEO had been pushing me for years offering nothing but support, so when I got it she was one of the first I wanted to tell. When I walked in her suite she was in a meeting with many people, but from way across the room she caught eyes with me and gave me a thumbs up and when I returned it she mouthed “Congratulations” and gave me the warmest smile. A few days later I received a personal card in the mail (hallmark) telling me how proud of me she was. I mean, really, does anyone else have a CEO as amazing as mine? I could go on and on about her, but I won’t! Bottom line is she has done some absolutely amazing things and I have so much respect for her.

Update: My computer came back up at 3 yesterday and I leave at 4


  • I can't even imagine how I didn't die of boredom at work before the days of the "inter-web"

    By Anonymous Rich, At 12:55 PM  

  • hmm that company seems familiar...but i...i can't place it?



    By Blogger Tricia, At 1:29 PM  

  • I do not have access on a daily basis. I {censored} my job and my boss and my company].. Bah! I can't even upload software. I am not even allowed to ask questions because then I am being "combative" as opposed to just doing my job, I suppose. Problem is that with so much protocol, I need questions answered. Anyone hiring? (that reimburses tuition?)

    By Blogger Buggie, At 10:01 PM  

  • T - You are sooo funny!!!

    Buggie - We have tutition reimbursement but probably not as much as you do, but we don't have a position either :( I think you would love it here though!! I think everyone would... don't get me started again. Did you see Tricia's BLOG about us all going out last Friday?

    By Blogger Harmony, At 9:45 AM  

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