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Thursday, June 19, 2008


My sister is my heart.She opens doors to roomsI never knew were there, Breaks through wallsI don't recall building. She lights my darkest cornersWith the sparkle in her eyes. My sister is my soul. She inspires my wearied spiritTo fly on wings of angelsBut while I hold her handMy feet never leave the ground. She stills my deepest fearsWith the wisdom of her song. My sister is my past. She writes my historyIn her eyes I recognize myself, Memories only we can share. She remembers, she forgivesShe accepts me as I amWith tender understanding. My sister is my future. She lives within my dreamsShe sees my undiscovered secrets,Believes in me as I stumbleShe walks in step beside me, Her love lighting my way. My sister is my strengthShe hears the whispered prayersThat I cannot speakShe helps me find my smile, Freely giving hers awayShe catches my tearsIn her gentle hands. My sister is like no one elseShe's my most treasured friendFilling up the empty spacesHealing broken placesShe is my rock, my inspiration. Though impossible to define, In a word, she sister.


  • so sweet. i love being a sister even though sometimes she drives me nuts i love my crazy sister to pieces.

    By Blogger Busted, At 9:38 PM  

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