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Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Summer----Time!!!!

Today is the last day of school which mean my girls are about to go in to CHILL mode, where they sleep until noon and when I cook dinner it is lunch to them!!! I am sooooooooooo jealous. I am working on a list of chores to keep them busy this summer. I am also going to find some english and math activities, along with a few books they WILL read. I know at first they are going to think I am MEAN and it is SUMMER MOM!!! but I don't really care cause I am the Mom and well I have that power. I know they like when they accomplish tasks and it makes them feel good inside even if they fight me to do it at the start. They have gotten really good about doing what I ask of them like dishes, cleaning the bathroom, putting away their clothes, picking up the room. They get excited about their accomplishments. So I am going to make sure they have some excitement this summer ;) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I mean they just got back from camping, next month they are going to TX for almost two weeks, then we are going to the Jonas Bros. concert, and then to FL for a week. Come on!!!!!!! They better do everything and then some with a smile!!!!!!!!
So my Rocker Child finally got Guitar Hero and is IN LOVE with the game. Come to find out she is not the only one in the house in LOVE with the game. We came home the other night and found Gma sitting on Princess' bed TV loud, rockin out with the plastic guitar in hand, oh and in serious concentration mode. I think we all laughed til our tummies hurt. So, now Rocker girl and Gma have finally found something to really bond them. She loves that Gma wants to play and learn and is happy to sit and watch her get a 100%. Me, nahhh, not so much!! They both try to convince me to play at least twice a week. I really just have no interest and I don't like the songs, so there you have it, Gma is KEWL and I am not.
In other news I am back to the gym and OH HOW I LOVE IT. I have had bronchitis the last two weeks which makes exercising next to impossible, even walking the dog was exhausting me. So I went to the gym on Tuesday and yes the cough is still lingering but I pushed through it and by the end of my work out I was the only one left in the gym. Ummmmmmmmmm, I don't know, maybe my hacking all over my hands and then the machine. HEEE HEEEE!!! I wiped it down after. I went again last night and not as much coughing and I burned 50 more calories then the other night in the same amount of time, GOOOOOOO ME!!!! I am hoping with the break and getting back in to the routine, my body is gonna be excited and I will continue to shed!! I bringin SEXY back!! LOL that was for my other Princess T!!!!

Gma ROCKIN out!!!!!!!! This is how we caught her, she is still in her pjs.

Sisters!!! This pictures makes my heart warm and fuzzy inside, the details of it and how much these three love eachother and the bond they have!! Doesn't have anything to do with the post it just makes me happy


  • Ohhh, Ty got Guitar Hero??? Color me jealous! I want the whole rock bank game actually. How cool! Or as you put it, KEWL! You're so hip. ((snicker)) And it's hilarious that you all walked in on Max rocking out w/a serious Tom Petty face. I can't believe you wouldn't want to play it. You think she can bring it to TX???

    Good for you for recouping and getting back on exercise wagon and I love that you're bringing sexy back. Love you the mostest!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 9:47 AM  

  • Have you looked on CL for rockband? I almost bought that for her til we found G.H. at Targe' for $40. Yes, she can bring it, although I may have her stick it in her carry on cause if that gets broken, I might cry!! ;)

    love you the mostest

    By Blogger Harmony, At 1:35 PM  


    No! EVAR!

    That is all.

    By Blogger Tricia, At 6:54 PM  

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