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Thursday, April 27, 2006

My family

Here’s my family, some of them, my
Aunt and Uncle and their boyz

After all these years I have found my family again and met some of my cousins. It is amazing, family. I don’t even know how to put it in to words the joy I feel that I have family. I have always grown up with lots of people in my life and lots I have considered family, but nothing is like having your “own” family. The last time I saw anyone in my family, except my Mom, was when I was 5/6, in 1979/80 and was in MI where I recently went back to visit.

Last year my grandma passed and we went up there for the first time since I was little and reconnected and recently I went there with just the girls and me. We had a wonderful time. The best part, well all the parts are the best if you know me at all, is that my daughters’ now have had a chance to meet “MY” family. They have never asked questions, but I have always wondered if they have thought about it, especially since their Dad has such a BIG family and they have meet lots of people from his side and have lots of pics of them and his family. They asked about my Dad and when I shared with them I never met him before they didn’t ask any other questions about my side of the family. They expressed sincere sadness about me not knowing my dad, cutie pies.

Anyway we drove 9 and ½ hours to get there. We arrived last Thursday before Easter in the evening, my Aunt went out and got us pizzas and we all hung out for a little while. We had an amazing time and I got to meet two more of my cousins. There are still more cousins out there from my other Uncle who I hope to meet soon. The crazy thing is that you can really tell we are family. Check out these handsome young men, my cousins!!! Do you see the resemblance??? Crazy huh!!


  • I haven't read the post yet, just looked at the pictures as usual. I think that's great that you got to meet "98 degrees" but I think calling them your family borders on stalkerdom.

    By Anonymous Rich, At 4:32 PM  

  • Awww, look at you bonding w/fam. Too bad they're so far away though. I think the girls would really benefit from being able to see their "real family" more too, though they assume we're all family even though we're "the colors of benetton". Are they old enough to be my dd to the salsa club yet?

    By Blogger Claudette, At 7:53 AM  

  • NO silly they aren't old enough, if they aren't old enough to help me with that drive they aren't old enough to be your driver. Belive me I tried to persuade ty in to the drivers seat at a rest stop on the way there. ;)

    I am hoping to see them more often, but I wish they were closer too!!!!!

    By Blogger Harmony, At 8:53 AM  

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