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Friday, October 07, 2005

Welcome my new addition to the family, Tobie.

So, I have been looking for a dog for a couple weeks now. Our new landlord said we could get a dog, but she preferred a big dog to a little one, preferably a lab. Well I decided to go to the local shelter last night, they are open til 8 on Thursdays and I dragged Aim, my new roomy to be with me. We walked around looking at all the dogs and then she stopped and fell in love almost immediately with a beautiful black dog. I kept looking, walking up to all the cages looking at all the little faces in there and she kept telling me, “this is the one.”, we asked a volunteer to bring out the dog so we could see how she reacted to us, OH MY!!! She was so excited to be out, jumping all around, hyper, and playful. On the other side of the cage, with a couple, is another black lab very calm and relaxed, as the volunteer is taking her in I ask if we can see her too. So, Aim and I leave Hyper and go next door and she doesn’t really respond to us, seems sad, but has lots of love in her eyes. Aim suggests we get both, I am not sure about that, but she convinces me quit easily, so we put them in one cage together with, T and T Aim and I and the volunteer tells us they have been together inside for a while as mates. So, we leave with two BIG full grown labs and I am so happy, so is Aim and I love it. I don’t have an actual picture yet of my baby, but this is what she looks like, her name is Toby. She is 6, comes from a military family that had her since she was a puppy and they just got deployed and couldn’t take her. I think that’s why she is sad. She knows commands; sit, shake, stay and showed me last night. This morning she pepped up when I asked her if she wanted to go outside. She slept at the foot of my bed the whole night. :)

I am happy!!!!!!


  • cute.

    I want one.

    By Blogger MG, At 4:22 PM  

  • Me too.

    By Blogger Buggie, At 9:17 PM  

  • I must meet him soon and take the family portraits. Think of some themes. :-)

    By Blogger Claudette, At 1:33 PM  

  • Doggggggggggggggies! 2 doggies? Ooooh! I want one! Oooh I want one so bad!

    Well, not one of yours :) I just wanna meet your buggers.

    By Blogger Marci (aka Baby Banana), At 4:08 PM  

  • It's too bad Tobie isn't a Toby. 'Cause if she were a guy, I'd call him "Sir Toby Belch" just like the Shakespearian cool would that be.

    By Blogger MG, At 6:05 PM  

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