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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Date with Daddy.....

The girls had a great time with their Dad. What else is new, how can you not have a good time when you only see him once a year. Anyway…. So the story goes like this. B calls to tell me he has picked up their little sister and he is on his way. I get home from work and make sure they have all their stuff ready. Do some running around and other stuff and look at the time it’s now 5 somethin, B called me at 330ish. So, I call her and confirm that he was atill planning on picking them up, right?! We chat for a little while and then she gives me the number so Ty can call him because she has asked me 150 times when he is going to get there. No answer so I tell B to call him, he says some crap about traffic and blah blah blah he is on his way. Another 45 minutes of so goes by and now I am starting to get pissed. I mean at this point they are getting hungry, so I pick up the phone and call myself. He actually answered, I was very straight forward and emotionless, “Are you coming?” He said he was turning on to the main rd off my street. So, I rushed the girls to get ready. Ty wanted to give him the pic below, which was in my trunk so I went to get that and guess who pulled up. Now, the phone call was the first words we have spoke in years, literally. He pulls in right behind me. As I am walking away he calls me over, very cordial and nice and hands the phone to me, “Someone wants to talk to you.” What?! Is he crazy? “Who?”…..”Just take the phone”, it was his Mom. I talked to her for a bit and by that time the girls started running out. Of course both screaming and screeching with excitement to see “Daddy”. I had the pics in hand and he glanced at it and reached for it, but I pulled away. “Let me see, please” I handed him the one pic and continued to flip through to give him one of them on the first day of school too. As Tricia came running out hands in the air, smile stretched across her face he got out to hug her and the next thing was a shock, “Hi baby, you look so pretty, you look really good Trish”, just when I thought the smile couldn’t get any bigger, it did!!

I was cringing inside, but at the same time I was thankful that he was in a good mood and nice to my babies and pleasant to me. The girls had a great time with him, they went shopping and out to dinner, got back to B’s house around 10 something. When I saw them the next day they told me they had such a good time and that Daddy was going to try and get better about seeing them more often. We’ll see, cause I will only believe it when I see it!!!!!

How can he not want to be with these four all the time

(Stupid Blogger won't let me add pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111!!!!!!!!!!)


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