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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The girls and I are gettin away...

The girls and I are off to Williamsburg for the weekend. I am so excited. We don’t do as much one on one as we did when they were younger. They enjoy having their sister with them as well as cousins or friends. As a matter of fact when I tell them we are doing something the first question usually is, “Is Titi coming?”, their pride and joy little sister, which was the case with this trip too. I told them it’s just going to be us this weekend and then seemed okay with that, maybe a little excited. They have been asking to go to Jamestown for a couple years now, I think, ever since they went on a field trip their with school. With it being Veteran’s Day this weekend, there are LOTS of activities going on. I have lined up an itinerary for us with a bunch of different options, I will let them chose. The one I am most excited about is thisI have never been there before and I think it will be so good for the girls. I am also planning to go rent new movies to have a movie night with them in the KING size bed!! We have two rooms because that’s what was available. I wanted to invite everyone down, but I keep reminding myself Mommy and Daughters weekend!!! We will also be about a hour from the beach, so I plan to take them there for a couple hours at least. The part they are really excited about, after Jamestown is the indoor pool, whoooo-hooooo. It also has a hot tub and a sauna, I can’t wait. I am probably looking forward to this more then they are and the quality time we will have together to just chill out and enjoy each other w/o any stress or time constraints. If the weather is anything like today I could be more thrilled, it’s gorgeous outside!!!


  • Nothing says fun like giant heads of dead people.

    But seriously, I haven't been in williamsburg in forever. I have very fond memories though and keep planning to take a trip back there soon.

    I don't guess you're going to Busch Gardens, but you could at least take the brewery tour with your little girls right? They give you free beer at the end. (Plus they have baby bears at the park, everyone loves baby bear cubs)

    By Anonymous haveyouseenlucky, At 11:53 AM  

  • We didn't go to Busch Gardens, but we had a great time. They liked Presidents Park, but didn't love it like I was hoping. Of course we took lots of pics though.

    Overall it was a wonderful weekend.

    By Blogger Harmony, At 9:04 AM  

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