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Monday, September 08, 2008

Why I can't seem to blog

So I want to blog/write/journal/update.....

My issue is that everytime I think about doing it I think where do I begin because it's been so long since the last time and there is sooo much I want to write and document. hmmmmm This is my block, this is the reason I can't get it together. ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG I am frustrated.

Sooooo, I went to FL with the girls and B and her fam, S. too. We drove 13 hrs there actually I think it was more like 14 but I lost track. It wasn't so bad going, coming home was a different story though. We were crammed in and we got a flat in the first two hours of driving. :(

While we were in FL we went to Sea World a GAZILLLLION times. No seriously we went everyday except one and sometimes several times a day. I think by day five we actually saw everything and every show. How do people do it one day I dont know. The one day we didn't go we were at Busch Gardens allllllllllllll day. It was great but we were so freakin tired by the ride home, even the kids. We did get to see a lot of cool animals. Actually I have seen more animals this year then I think ever in my life. I took alot of pics. WAY too many. I think I took almost 2000 that week in FL. Maybe 1500. A LOT is what I know. How can I go through that many pics to share some? ;) Hmmmmm Way to hard. It was amazing vacation and also the first full week I have taken off in six years. Okay gonna share a few photos.

Before I do though I am going to commit to trying to update on Mondays about the weekend, Wordless Wednesdays, cause that should be easy to do, I have seen lots of bloggers do it and I like it, and on Thursday or Friday. Okay can I hold myself to this PLEASE!!!! I have made a new pack with my girls... they are not allowed to get on the computer unless they write for 15 minutes first. Sooo, if I am gonna hold them to that I have to hold myself to writing also.

My life is not very exciting but there are things I want to remember moments with friends and my girls that if I do not make my lazy but type them I will forget them. I should make that my title so I can remind myself. Any of my wonderful friends out there that may check in here once in a while, please shoot me an email to remind me it is time to write again.

Okay that is all...time for a few pics.


  • Yay! You posted and the pics are way fun! I love the one of you guys on the roller coaster. What a HARMS pic!

    Ok, you're right about posting on Mondays at least. I should try this idea of yours out.

    I'm going to post something even if it's very bare bones.

    I love you Angel Face!

    By Blogger Sean & Claudia, At 11:29 PM  

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