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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My growing girls,,

I am trying to stick with what I said and write. This whole weekend I was pretty much laid up cause I hurt my freakin back again!!! The girls were so good to me and taking care of me. I am so proud of them sometimes. If I could just teach them how to be neat and tidy they might be perfect. ;)

Today I had a very grown up conversation with them, one I was nervous about. One I wasn't sure how they would react, but knowing them as well as I do, I was okay with whatever the reaction would be. It is a very personal matter, having to do with their dad, but they stepped up as I anticipated and I am so proud of them. I am so proud of how mature they handle my questions and reacted. I have never said an ill word to them about their Dad. I have never pulled them in one way or another from him. He chose to live the life he has and go down the path he did. When he met them when they were four I gave him every opportunity to be a father. I made every effort possible, gave 110% when he gave 2%. Now, at age almost 14 they are wiser then I expected and although they hurt as a result of his actions they will step up to the plate when it comes to protecting their little sisters from the same hurt and the same pain they went through of having an in and out part time Dad. Although they still don't understand they situation and why they haven't seen him in over two years and why he continues to fight to see the two little ones, none of that matter when it came down to them standing up to him. Well not yet, but maybe down the road. They are ready to step up if they have to.

My once little precious babies that I could hold both in one arm have grown in to two mature young ladies with a conscience and mind that makes good decisions from the heart. I am so proud of you two, more proud then I can ever show you, but I hope tonight when we talked you could see the sparkles in my eyes that are you!!!!!!! Mommy loves you!!!


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