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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to school night 8th grade style!!!!

I went to back to school night last night. I always enjoy back to school night because I like to meet my girls teachers and see what they are in for. I like to be prepared to know how I can help them and what the expectations are. Well was I in for a surprise last night...who knew?? Not me!! 8th grade, completely different from all the previous years..different grading and different teaching. HOLY COW. I think 8/9 out of the 12 teachers I saw last night (cause I have to try to get to two classes for every ONE slot they give you, so I can meet alllll the teachers) said "These kids are grown up now.....blah blah blah" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? What do you babies!!!! Then they would say something like, "They are 13/14 and it is time for them to grown up." Well yes I guess it is but ...... my babies!!! So, it was an eye opener for me. They all kept saying how they treat them as high schoolers and really give them a taste so they are ready for next year "when they are among 17/18/ and even some 19 year olds". My tummy flip flopped. I am really not ready for this but I can only imagine how they are going to feel. I don't remember being scared going in to high school, but probably cause I knew a lot of the older kids....I remember being very comfortable. They have a lot more freedom too, as far as going to their lockers and being in the halls. Last two years they were only allowed to go to their lockers at certain times a day and I think only three total. This year they can pretty much go before/after every class, but if they are late to any class four times they get after school suspension. I guess teaching them time management. It's good for them!

ANYWAY... so the teachers all seem pretty good, some super strict and tough, but I like that. I think tough is good!!! I think the tough teachers are the ones that make a difference. They have a lot more male teachers this year too, something else new for them. So, I was there from 630 to 910, and met 12 teachers, one was out for surgery and had a god night. I was sad to that there was so little participation on the parents part. These teachers taught our children allllll day and stayed at the school in to the evening and you can't come out to meet them.....I don't like it. This school has very low parent participation. At back to school night at their previous school there were so many parents that came (mom and dad of many of the kids) that there were never enough seats in the class. One of the classes I went to last night had about 7 parents in it and that was the most. :(

Parents out there: GET INVOLVED with your kids and the schools!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think any parents read my blog but just in case someone stumbles upon it!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


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