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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The first dance of the year and I got issues

This past weekend the Princess and I had a little run in. She doesn't always tell the truth and I have a serious problem with that so when she is confronted about something it's so hard to believe her. After work on Friday I went by the school to try to get in to the dance they were having to take some pictures for them, at their request. When I got there, I spotted Ty dancing and didn't want to bother her and Princess was not where to be found....until......I see her being dragged out of the crowd by a teacher and a boy in the teacher's other hand. So I sit back and watch, because it's not like I was suppose to be there. I see Tricia's lil hands all over the place and she is on the verge of tears while Mr. Teenage boy is just standing with his arms crossed all tough. So after a few minutes of watching this when it looks like things have calmed down I walk over and don't even look at Princess. I ask the teacher if everything is okay and she says in a stern tone, BTW I don't care for this teacher to begin with so it is tough trying to be nice to her, "Is one of these yours?" and I tell her Princess is my daughter and she goes on to say this young man was dancing very close to on her backside and had his hands on her hips, oh and "I don't know what you allow, but we don't allow at home but we don't allow that here. Princess starts right away explaining how she didn't know. I am irritate at her and with her and I don't know if she is telling the truth so I go off on her. The teacher starts in on the boy while I am speaking to my daughter. The teacher starts to walk away and so does the boy and I say HOLD IT to which he responds "Yea"....EXXXXXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me.... "Yes, Ma'am". I finish talking to Trish and tell him to come here. NOW.........when the teacher started talking to him I hear his name, the same boy that tried to smack my daughter on the butt that I am not suppose to know about cause I am not reading their blogs, so I am really PISSED. So I send Trish away and he asks if he can say something and I don't let him I say my piece first..."Don't you EVER put your hands on my children again, do you know who my children are? If I hear of you touching my daughters' inappropriately we will have a REEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLL problem, do you understand me? If you need your Mom or Dad to talk to me I am happy to give you my cell phone number if we have any problems or lack of communication, do we? I am not playin with you, do not put your hands on my girls, got it?" All he says in a low voice lookin at me like I am CRAZZZZZZZZZZy white woman is Yes ma'am. To which I respond GOOD! then he asks if he can say something meanwhile I need to walk away so I don't strangle him, the lil boy who I have to look up to to yell at, arrrrrrrrrrrggggggg. I think I could take him!!! I was pretty fired up. ;) Just kidding I only beat my own kids. LOL So, he tells me that he wasn't even touching princess. That he turned and said to his boy look at this and put his hands around her waist but didn't touch her. he demonstrated. WHATEVER is what I wanted to say but instead I said, Don't put your hands on my kids, got it! He said yes and as he was walking away, I know I just need to shut up, I said I got my eyes on you. So 15 minutes later when he looks over at me I motion to him that I am watching him and his eyes just get big. I know I could have handled that differently I am sure and I thought about it after the fact realizing I should count to ten before I speak when I am upset. So after the dance the girls and a group of friends, including tall boy that all the girls are falling all over walk over to me so I can take a pic. Princess wraps her hands around this boy to take the pic and his hands fly in the air like, "I ain't touchin her" and he looks scared. I say you can take a pic with her I just don't want you to INAPPROPRIATELY putting your hands on them, do you know what that means or I can explain it to you?" He just shakes his head yes and I realize I just said that in front of all the friends, so I try to make all the boys feel stupid by saying and that goes for all of you!!! Princess looked proud and Ty looked like she wanted to crawl under a rock. OH WELL!!!


  • Good for you!! There is a serious lack of respect when it comes to boys and girls...I guess also with kids and authority too but that's a whole other issue.

    You did the right thing, boys at every age should always be respectful to women and NEVER touch them or be inappropriate with them. Too many young girls allow inappropriate behavior and end up believing that it's the norm. It isn't. The girls are lucky to have a good mother that isn't afraid to straighten things out ;)

    By Anonymous Busted, At 4:09 PM  

  • The only thing I would have done differently is maybe holding my fist by his head and tell him I ain't touchin him but does he feel uncomfortable. That is how the girl he wasn't touching feels...Na I would do that, and I think you did good.


    By Blogger Sean & Claudia, At 11:47 AM  

  • Proud of you!

    By Blogger Buggie, At 9:43 PM  

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