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Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh my crazy life

So, every day I think about logging in and typing away because I have lots of stuff I would like to record that is going on in my life, lots of moments I would like to remember that I know if I don't get them down somewhere over time they will fade and I just can't seem to find the time. It is driving me crazy cause every morning I read my daily blogs and think, I WANT to write and then I start but never finish.

So, now that I have figured out adding exercise in to my daily routine I am going to figure out how add bloggin in there a few times a week too. Not sure how but I am working on the thought process.

Exercising, I am LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Really loving sweating and most important the after effect and how I feel the rest of the day and even the next morning. I have met my first goal and I am working on my second, YAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I have lost about 22lbs!!!! I know that seems like a lot but not when you are a big momma like me!!! and really the weight isn't as important as me feeling good and having more energy, that's what is motivating me!!!

So, in no particular order I am going to write some of those things I don't want to forget.

- Tricia and Tyra completed their science project, which they did together and on the OWN!!! (I really made them figure this one out) It looked great!! They are both very creative and did an amazing job! ....note to self take a picture next time

- I had a special night with my three year old best friend and took her to see Disney's Nemo on ice. Just her and I, we rode the metro in and sat in the nose bleeds, but we had a wonderful time and she loved it. I think it meant more to me though.

- During Nemo show, my Mom called and my Doggie had ingested (ATE THE F%$* out of) CHOCOLATE!!! She ate about 60 Hershey kisses. I immediately started tearing up while I am listening and Ci, the three year old looks up and says, "Auntie, it's okay, don't cry the Daddy is going to find Nemo, I have the movie at home, don't worry the Daddy is gonna find Nemo, Auntie, I have the movie at home." That was the best thing she has ever said to me in the year plus she has been really talking.

- Tobie, my dog, is fine. She is a BIG dog and the vet at the emergency hosp said that she could probably handle it based on her size. and she did. She pooped silver from the wrappers for a few days, but no blood and no diarrhea, so she and I both really lucked out. She did puke once, the next morning, but on a towel and only a little which also included lots of silver.

- Have talked to MF a few times and nothin, haven't really felt sad/down or like I wanted to jump in my car and go over there. He has even extended two invites to come over and I declined them both!! (pat on the back)

- working out with Aim is soooo fun!!!! :) We don't really talk, other then the walk to the gym and back, but knowing she is on the next machine over makes the workout that much better!!! LOVE her and LOVE that she is making so much effort to work out!!! We are also encouraging each other with eating better, have even done our grocery shopping together the last couple weeks too. Friends are the BEST!!!

- saving the best for last............... MY CAR IS PAID OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that my payment was super big, but just to know I have a little more money in da pocket is FUN!!! :)

okay let's see, will write again on Tue. night, maybe Thurs, but again this week.



  • Cheers to your car being paid off! I love not having a car payment to worry about either but I think there will have to be one come mid summer unless we can get my AC fixed at a decent price.

    MF is killing me with selfishness. He needs a good long time w/out you running to him like he wanted you to before and then the realization begins. You can do it Bebe Girl!

    That money in your pocket shouldnt' be money in your pocket but rather money in savings. Si?

    Good on the girls for completing their science fair projects on their own as they should!

    Love you!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 3:42 PM  

  • OH, and obviously, CONGRATS on the weight loss and keep it up! Your determination is addictive!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 3:43 PM  

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