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Thursday, January 31, 2008

BUSY BUSY bumble bee

ummmm, I wrote this last week and forgot to post, I am a knucklehead, yes I know!!!

Yup that's me!!! I am busy every where, at work and at home, but I am happy and feel great. I have reconnected my girls with the other side of their family and it has been a truly amazing thing to see. It made me a little sad in my heart that I have not initiated contact sooner and made more of an effort for them to have that, but now is better then never, right? Right!!!! Last week I talked to their Aunt J, the D's sister, and we went over and hung out. We had a great time and it was just so nice to see the girls bonding with their cuzinz and chillin'. The have many cousins, I think 8 first cousins, maybe 7, Aunt J has 3 and Uncle G has 4. So, the girls had such a wonderful time, and I did too. I was very close to Aunt J's older two and after seeing them again, apparently still hold a big place in their hearts!!!! :)

So, I got home from work the next day, FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY, and I was planning on taking hte girls to their old school for Bingo night, but they wanted to go to Tank's, basketball game. I called Aunt J and found out where it was and we quickly piled in the car and headed to game. When we got their Uncle G was their too, now the girls haven't seen him in LOTS of years, like 4/5 years, so when they looked up the bleachers and saw him they went running up them and jumped in his arms squeezing him with all their might, while his kids looked on like, who in the heck are they. By the time I made it up the bleachers Uncle G was introducing them to their other cousins and like family should be it was like they had known each other for ever.

Just watching the girls interact with their Aunt and Uncle, cousins too was soooo nastolgic. It warmed my heart very deep and made feel so happy. Probably cause the girls were smiling from ear to ear almost non stop and their voices were high pitched from the excitement in them. It is something I will hold with me and remember. That and the fact that Tank came and hugged me tight and whispered, "Auntie, Please don't let so much time pass before we see you all again."!!!! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, talk about a hit to the gut!!!! He is my baby, my big baby, but none the less my Baby!!!!

So, Friday after the game we went back to Aunt J's place and hung out until two the AM and when I tried to get the girls to get it together to go home, they didn't want to leave.

I won't let so much time pass agian


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