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Monday, January 21, 2008

Reds have more fun

Sat. night BONDING!!!!!!!!

Well, before I get in to my incredibly wonderful Sat. night I must touch on Friday which was a HARD night for me. I decided to let go of something I have been holding on to for many years. I decided to put me first and take the first of many big steps in taking care of me before anyone else and doing what is right for me, and although painful I DID IT!!!!!!!!! Maybe it I wasn't ready, maybe I was but knowing my girls would be coming over on Sat. and keeping me company gave me just the kick in the arse I needed to jump in and DO IT!!!!! So, I am hurting still but I also feel good and free. IN fact when I drove away from making this HUGE step in my life, I felt a weight lifted off and a deeper love for myself and that superseded everything else. On the way there I cried tears of sadness and heart break and on the way home I cried tears of strength and happiness. I know the next few weeks will be hard but I plan to continue to empower myself and stay strong.

....and thank to my Clussy who had a house full, to include kids and when I called her crying my ass off she dropped everything and gave me stregnth, told me the truth and loved me so hard it was if she were standing next to me holding my hand!!! HOMEbase, you are the BEST!!!!

So, Sat. night my girls and I planned a night together, not out, just hanging and bonding, the real deal!!! Mimi and I met at Don P's and ate some chips, I spilled my guts, she drank a margarita and listened while I sipped on Coke. She just listened, and I love that about her!!! She has become an incredible sounding board. (She used to break me down and make me call her "Mommy", but now she listens with an open heart and mind and I love it) She has grown too. B was suppose to meet us there but the chips were kinda stale and we weren't really hungry. I called B to see where she was at and she met us at Targe' where we planned to pick out some hair color. FUN BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!! We all picked a shade with some red in it. So much fun. Mimi has never gone outside of some sort of shade of blonde so I am sooo excited. I want to find a peel, that was the one thing I really wanted to do, a face peel and the only one I could find was like $14, so instead, I sent the ladies to my house and I headed over to Wally World to find my face peel that I know will be more then half of that freakin cost and it was. I also grabbed some snacks which we didn't touch. When I got here we jumped right in to it. Mimi brought over a foot massager bath thing too, it was going to be a full on girls night. Mimi went to work on my hair while B plopped down in the tub and we all just talked and laughed!!! :) Pure happiness, really!!! When Mimi was done with mine, B started hers and then B did Mimi's while is that confusing, me I snapped pics!!! :) When I got out of the shower, WHOOOAAA Red!!! After I dried it it wasn't as bad and had hints of blonde through out, which was expected, my hair to start was 100 different shades of blonde and now is 100 shades of red with about 20 blonde ;) of course that is a Harmonism!! After we were done showering and admiring the new looks we had the foot baths begin and the face peels. I put mine on my face and then did Mimi's and B's, that stuff was great and on them I think it was extra thick cause I couldn't tell. We all took turns soaking and scrubbing our feet in the mini foot jacuzzi. So, when all the pampering was done, our hair all curled and dressed to a t in pjs we laid on the bed and took some pics. It is like 130 am not. My mom popped in on us, we felt like teenagers and she snapped a couple pics too as well all giggled like little girls. We sat in the bed all three of us talking (me feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to have such great friends and so hmmmmm safe and happy). So I guess this feeling sweeps over me and I decide after not eating ALLLLLLLLL day, well two chips and at Don P's, I AM HUNGRY and ready to eat. So, we throw on sweatshirts, boots, sneaks, and slippers and climb in the car and go to Denny's. We are all about to fall asleep but we make it through the meal and laugh lots. Get back home and sleep like babies!!!

What a great night, could have only been better if my Home-y were there too. It was a long over due night that we all needed and I think benefited from it.

Here are some pics to enjoy from out night:








THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this was my Mom's idea, might have been cute if she focused in on the hair and not our bottom halves)


  • CUTE! I love the play by play pics!

    I can't tell the difference as much in BeB's hair though. Was it more intense in person?

    Has some of the color washed out to an even finish? I know mine takes about a week to get to the color where it stays.

    "She used to break me down and make me call her "Mommy"" --- KINKY.

    I love that you pointed out your Harmonism.

    Thanks for the shout out honey. You know things get dropped (should I mention now that I was cutting chicken for the dinner when you called so I dropped everything but the knife and it stayed in my hands while we talked the whole time? Godo thing noone tried scaring me, huh? We all know what happens then...) when HOME-y needs some talk time. You had the whole group asking about you after that conversation though, heh. They all kept asking if you were going to be alright and if you worked everything out.

    I'm very proud of you and love you angel face!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 1:42 PM  

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