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Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Friday and Happy Me

So every night for the past three days I have gotten on the computer with the sole intention of blogging!!! I told someone very important that I would try to make more of an effort to Blog more even if it is nonsense and every night I have found a million other things I end up doing and then when I am done with those and I remember why it is I turned the computer on in the first place, I don’t wanna anymore. So, it is Friday morning and it is beautiful outside and I am feeling SUPER happy, not for any particular reason, just happy in my soul. Which I know is usually very normal for me but I have had a few rough weeks of crazy woman tantrums and I am SOOOOO done with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my emotions, but I need ups to come with the downs I don’t deal with to many down days in a row and probably cause again, not used to it and it just doesn’t feel right. Oh and my down days are way way way down, like end of the world as we know it. As I have matured I have learned that the world really isn’t going to end and I have to remind myself that I am just goin through something and IT will get better, but holy moly my heart, my soul and my body, they would tell you a different story, thank goodness my mind has wised up a wee bit and I can listen to it.
So, feelin good!!! Feelin great!!! If I could explain it in words it is like, when you are super sick, like can't get out of bed, fever, chills, throwin up, aches and pains and then you wake up the next morning and feel completely better, like brand new. That is how I am feeling today: BRAND NEW!!! :)
M.F. must think I am NUTZ, out of my mind and yet he still deals and puts up with my and all my issues. I think he said last night, "I know YOU and I know that if I just let you get through it and am there for you, you will, you always do" Out of everyone in my life, he probably gets the worst of it cause he is any easy target for me to take all my emotions out on. It helps that I know after 8 years of having me in his life there probably isn't much I could say to him that would scare him away. The last two times we hung out I wasn't myself and he notices right away. Yes, I think that is special, but everyone else says, "Hello ding bat, a stranger would know." He makes me talk it out or try to anyway. His conclusion was I missed my friend. I think he was right. Even though he drives me up a tree most of the time, when I need him, when I really need him to be there and take care of me, he does. He hugged me and rolled me around on the bed, he tickled me and he told me beautiful and positive things. He put a movie on and wrapped his arms around me and just held me and then said things like, "U good? What else do you need from me?". That's a friend, one who puts up with your shi* and then tries hard to turn it around. Of course I tell him it's cause he is selfish and it is easier on him when I am good and that's why he wants me to be good!!! I know I am crazy sometimes. The thing is I acknowledge it and never deny it and it is what makes me ME!!!
It's Friday, Friday and what am I going to accomplish this weekend??? I would like to get the tree up, find my winter gear (gloves, hats, scarfs), hang out with my girls (the grown-up ones and the lil ones), go to the gym twice, take five walks, maybe I should shoot for 7 walks, cause I will knock two of them out tonight, yea, 7 is a better number, take my car to get it fixed, take junk to storage and I have to put blinds up in the girls room, that is a priority!!! and if I have time after all that, I would like to make my Christmas list of what I need to buy and figure out my budget, cause I am not workin with a lot this year after my mother has sucked me dry!!!!!! I love her though!!!! :)
Happy Friday!!! Happy Weekend!!!! Happy Harmony!!!!


  • Love you Shnookums! This was such a Blinding Ray of Sunshine post with the raw and positive emotions and outlook that first drew me to you about 14 years ago. I love your emotions and you know I know the ups and downs and stages of crazy as well as you do. Sometimes it feels like it's such the bottom and then, before you know it, you're giggling and bouncing around and you feel no need or even the right words if you did need to explain why you're back up at that happy place. I love being a woman. ;-)

    "He hugged me and rolled me around on the bed, he tickled me and" I thought for sure I was gonna get more salacious deets here and started hearing low playing bow-chic-a-bow music in background then the record scratched and it went back to sweet happy music.

    I'm listening to the Israel Kama(cough, faking like I know how to pronounce or even spell his last name) song, the Hawaiian version of Somewhere over the Rainbow and it's making me all sappy and going over the Cabos memories we had together. Priceless. I got the warm fuzzies big time right now.

    Richo loves you! So does Clussy!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 1:45 PM  

  • PS, the way I write to you sometimes, you'd think you're my new spouse. HA! I do, Bebe!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 1:46 PM  

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