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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2008

is going to be great!!! I am claiming it!!! This will be a wonderful year for me and those around me!!!! At the stroke of midnight I said a prayer and claimed it for me and my family and friends, so I am ready for it!!!

I have been thinking about resolutions and what do I really want to accomplish and what do I think I can truly commit to and make happen. When I first thought about these ideas, the first one that popped in to my head was "Church" and going back. I have wanted to go back to church for a loooooong time. 2007 I made excuses the WHOLE year. I am scared to go back to church, I know that sounds crazy, but I am, that's why I haven't gone yet. I know my life will change and for the better, but I am not sure if I am ready for all that, well I wasn't sure, I am now. So, I will stop making excuses and get my butt in to church and the girls too. I am even excited about it. Now I just have to find the girls and I some church clothes, I think that will be fun!!!! :)

I would also like to get the girls and I exercising together, doing some type of activity on a regular basis, haven't figured out what yet. I was planning for us to go to the community gym but they aren't allowed until 16, three years away, and I am not trying to rush it.

and then there is the smoking issue, well, I have thought about it, I even went to the doctors and got another prescription for the meds to help me, but I haven't picked them up from the store yet. Hmmmmm, I guess I need to do that if anything is going to change, the thing is..........

I LOVE IT and I DON'T want to quit, but I know for my health I should and I also know I will feel better, WHATEVA!!!!!!!!!!!! is what I am thinking as I type that!!!

SO that's pretty much all I have come up with. I want to continue to be close to my girls, but I don't think that is something I need to work on. In fact I may need to learn to give them more space, but I like them to much, sooooooooooooo, until they tell me to BACK OFF I will be right there and if they ever say that to me, OUUUUUUUUU, it will be ON!!!!!!! I think they are too scared to say it, but we will see.

I brought the new year in with my girls in my arms and it was perfect, I was sober and HAPPY!!!!!!!!! I think this is one of the first years that I didn't have A drink on the new year and I think I liked it!!!!! It was just a really wonderful night full of friends, love, family and good eats!!!! There was also a birthday cake and song for Beebs!!! It was special and wonderful and I had almost all of my closest friends with me. I called my Nunus and let everyone what with her and then I took the phone and hid so I could chat her up real quick!!! I think my favorite part of the night besides talking to my Nunus was watching everyone at 1201 kissing and hugging each other, EVERYONE including the kids walked around and hugged and kissed each other and wished a Happy New Year, it was a beautiful moment to be a part of and watch!!!! It was a moment of friendship AND BLESSINGS!!!!

I AM CLAIMING IT for me, for my girls, for my family, for me friends, for those around me!!!

Happy New Year!!!!
My baby Girls

Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so freakin cute these two!!!
They boys!!!!!!
the kids, minus to two boys who were playin play station, Boys will be Boys
and of course the Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Harms!!!!!!! I hope all the wonderfully good dreams and resolutions bless your life in 2008! You deserve them all!

    By Blogger Suvii, At 9:35 AM  

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