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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Baby Girl "Noname" (No name) is on her way

I haven't even had a chance to post from the baby shower and the baby is on her way this morning. I woke up to feed the dogs and it was super early for us in the house, so I walked downstairs in my t-shirt (thinking no one will be up anytime soon) and then Sean is standing at the top of the stairs as I am stumbling up them saying, "Pssst Pssst, it's time". Of course I don't realize what's going on and I say, "Time for wha... OH IT'S TIME!!!!! The baby is coming!!!!!!!!!" and he sends me to go check on her while he goes to brush his teeth and gather himself. Sure enough contractions are coming and I am running around trying to get whatever she needs and then I realize I am still only in my tshirt, of course she doesn't care at this point. I send them off, lay down for five minutes and hop in the shower, get Baby Ci ready, wake up the kids and here I am at work!!!! I can't wait to hold my new precious baby girl, I can't wait to snuggle her and smell her and hear her little voice, see her beautiful eyes and sing to her. I will post pics in the next couple days!!!!

Congratulations Aim and Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh here's one pic from the shower, they are both having girls, B's is coming soon in a few weeks!!!!


  • Look at the bellies! I love preggy bellies and the smiles on the Preggers' faces. So cute!

    Wow, we're having an inundation of bebes! They're about to come out all over the place. Seriously. I feel out of place. Wait, sorry, this is not about me. I'm so excited for Aimee and the rest of you. Can't wait till my God Daughter comes out though so I can play w/her (since she's closer and part mine (right???) and all, you know...). Yipee!!!

    Love you Shnookums!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 10:38 AM  

  • Yes, she will be kinda like yours!!! I can't wait for that one too and to get home after work today and hold my little Nia!!

    Momma, Daddy and Baby are doing fabulous!!!! Leaving the hosp. today to come home. Aim delivered 100% natural, WOW give that woman props, nt only her fourth, but totally natural!! :)

    By Blogger Harmony, At 9:58 AM  

  • I bow down to Aimee and her strength. I woulda been like "listen, ya moron, I really could care less how far along I am. If you are not approaching me with a needle pronto, I will fuck some shit up!"

    It's just a guess though :P

    yay! baby! Is she gonna bring her to the shower? I wanna hold her and smell her baby smell.

    By Blogger Tricia, At 1:08 PM  

  • I think she is going to bring her to the shower. I will ask her tonight!!! :) It was the best, the new baby smell!!

    I was really surprised she didn't say those things, she said she didn't cuss at all, my Aim is growin up. Not me I would've been cussin everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Harmony, At 1:47 PM  

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