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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

That AGE.............

This past weekend really woke me up as far as my girls are getting older and not wanting to do all the fun things we did when they were younger (ummm, this past summer). We went to a fall festival and I was so excited to go on the hay ride, paint pumpkins, and make a girls, not so much!!! Now granted there were lots of other things going on, but those things that I was looking forward to doing with them they replied, "No thanks Mom". It made me sad. I am so glad I raised them to be nature children and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, because I still got that. This weekend we are going apple picking and they are thrilled. They love camping and hiking and even just going for walks to watch the sunset. I acted like a two yr old when it hit me that they are maturing and told them I was going to have more kids so I would have someone that wants to hangout with me. Of course they objected like you wouldn't believe and then went to the pet-a-pet farm with me!! ;) I win!!! A big group of us went so I my lil protege' that wanted to take pictures and ride the ponies and do alllll the fun things Auntie! So I spent most of my time with my lil baby!!! On Sunday we did my company picnic and had more quality time together. I love my lil girls/young ladies and I am learning to accept they are growing up!!!


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