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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stress.....when it sneaks up on you

I had a weekend...filled with fun, excitement, friends, good times, and a lil bit of stress thrown in there. Friday night Aim and I went to the Annandale H.S. Homecoming football game. We planned to have a mini reunion and watch the game. Aim came to my house after work and we hung out and then changed clothes. As we are getting ready it felt just like it did ehhhmmmm many years ago when we would get ready to go to a game. ;) It was a funny feeling and one I have found myself experiencing lots lately...with her in particular. We got to the game late...parked far away cause it was PACKED!! I don't remember it being like that and Aim brought up a good point, it's cause we used to walk to the game...parking wasn't an issue. So we met up with our former AHS friends and sat on the other side, cause it was NUTS. Aim and I purchased AHS shirts to represent on the other side in the stands. We had a great time. We went to Glory Days and ate good and talked.

Sat. was another story it started off great!! I went to meet my carpool guys so they could change my breaks, because THEY were not feeling safe. I was supposed to be Apple Picking, but they got my priorities straight and I went there instead. We had a nice time until the I hear the guys make some noises and use some words that should be while putting on breaks. I went outside and my tires are shining from across the lawn...hmmmmm...that's not normal. The insides of my tires were sooooooooooooooooooo worns that they were reflecting the sun. All I can think is, this can't be good. I have worn tires down to lil pieces of straight metal. So I went and got some tires put on and that was that.

By Monday morning I felt super guilty for being as upset as I was over something so minor with all the chaos in the world today!!!


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