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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First day of middle school

Look at my pretty girls!!! This is the morning before school. Yes, that's how every first day goes, they are scrambling to get ready and Mom is chasing them with a camera, "wait, stop, get together, smile, one more, please!!!!"
They told me I wasn't allowed to come to the bus stop and take pics, but they wanted to me to come, just not take picstures and they stressed that. Well with the rain, I behaved and left my camera in my pocket. Poor girls, I left for work and the bus didn't end up coming for a hour and ten minutes, meanwhile it was pooring rain this whole time. They finally got to school, their bus had broke down and they couldn't find a sub. By the time they got home, their hair looked NOTHING like this. Then, just to make the day perfect, they locked themselves out. What a day, the rest of the week was good and all this week too.

Ty is standing up on a step she isn't even taller the Princess!! Oh they looked so grown at the stop with their umbrellas in the rain. :)


  • Holy smokes, I had an outfit similar to Tyra's back in the 80's. They're pushing the 80's style in full force, aren't they?

    So, they're hair got jacked up after you went and paid to get it done??? Was it fixable for the next day? Did you fix it?

    How'd they feel about their first day of school?

    I'm obviously going to have to interview the young ladies.

    By Blogger Claudette, At 6:55 PM  

  • Tyra's wasn't fixable and Tricia's well, it kinda held up, but the wether just ruined it. Trish was funny cause she wanted to wear a shower cap and I wouldn't let her, told her it wasn't a good look and she told me I told her it doesn't matter what people think and not to care what they say, bottom line I didn't let her wear it and then she gave me hell cause her hair was messed up. My bad!!

    Well the first day was horrible for them, they both cried, they both got lost and it was just a bad day, but they are fine and recovered now and loving school. Trish is home sick again today though. Poor baby!!!!

    Oh and yes, 80's is back in full force you should see some of the out fits they have put together already in the stores, it hillarious!! Find a pic of you and share it, please. Ty would die!! She thinks she is tooo cute!! She is!!!! I am sure they will have many more stories to share with Tia Cluss then they did Mom.

    By Blogger Harmony, At 8:15 AM  

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