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Thursday, February 23, 2006

SNOW....I love it

Look at my precious baby Ci, she went down all by herself, thanks to her Auntie, her Momma didn't see until the pictures came back, oops!! She loved it though, can't you see it on her face??? No???

I love the snow and I still love to get out on the sled with the kids and go down the big hills. During our “big” snow this year I took the kiddies over to a neighborhood close by where they have two big hills that run in to one another. We were there for about two hours, maybe more and had a blast. There is a little hill in front of our house, but it doesn’t compare to the one we went too. I loved it and it was great for the kids too. We all slept good that night. Check us out:
Look how cute and cold my kids are!!!
T and T try to hold hands down the big hill, crazy kids, at one point all four tried to go down together, it was funny, so funny I didn't get the pic when they all flew off.
Check me out and my girls right behind me! I built a little jump for them, it was great.


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