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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Musically Diverse

So, in honor of my other daughter joining us in Womanhood, we celebrated her with a lunch at Bennigan’s on Sat. with all the girls. She seemed very happy although her twin was not. She didn’t think she should have a lunch yet as she really hasn’t gotten her period cause it didn’t come the second month around and to quote her, “and she’s not even bleeding like I AM!!!!!!!!!!!” poor girl.

Anyway, I know my daughters’ are very diverse in many different aspects, but I think musically is the funniest. So, Ty gets a salsa CD from Clussy with one song in particular that she loves. She has listened to it many times with Cluss and even memorized the words in Spanish. So, we played the cd on the way home and than the next day in the car with twins and cousins. It was hilarious to see the look on their cousins faces as these two belted it out in their most precious voices “La Quiero, la quireo, la quireo, la quireo, la quireo, la quireoooooooooooooooooooooooooo”. So, we listened to a couple other songs and than the other kids had enough. So, I said each one can chose one song and than we move on.

I noticed my girls have a huge array of cd’s and music taste all across the board and I love it.

I thank all my friends that spend time with them and sing in the car with them to exposing them to new songs and styles of music, it is a blessing.


  • I want to go to Bennigan's. There must be some way to have a group outing at Bennigan's w/o someone needing to bleed.

    By Blogger MG, At 3:11 PM  

  • Did you just out your daughter's womanhood again?

    You know, guys never get any parties for this kind of stuff, they just get yelled at for ruining their bed sheets. HOW IS THIS FAIR?!

    By Anonymous Rich, At 3:42 PM  

  • Oh M'ers. How technical of you. HA! Do papercuts count?

    Monte Cristos and french fries dipped in ranch dressing! woo hoo! When?

    So men should have a 'wet dreams are wild' party to be welcomed into manhood? Are you feeling really jipped Rich? Harms sent you that link to the chicky, via me, via Mish. You should be consoled at least a lil bit, no?

    I'm so happy that the girls are loving the DLG CD! See, I figure they'll learn Spanish from these CD's that I'm giving them here and there and eventually we'll be able to talk behind people's backs in Spanish. Well, except for their Mommy cuz she's too sharp for that. Are they old enough to come salsa dancing w/us yet?

    By Blogger Claudette, At 3:53 PM  

  • Country music is next Harms, we need to find ourselves a nice cowboy to, ahem, introduce us :)

    By Blogger Marci (aka Baby Banana), At 4:53 PM  

  • M'ers - Let's plan it, anyone up for Bennigans next weekend??? Send out the email for a Sat. lunch or dinner and I am there!!! I love me some Monte Cristos, ummmmmmmmm, might have to get one on the way home. (slapping my hand,"No bad!!!")

    Rich - Yes, I did!!! Just so I can remember when it happened ;) gotta keep track of that stuff. So, what kind of party shall we have for you to make it all better?? We can welcome you to "womanhood" if you want?! :) How did you like that pick, it came from Google, of course in a search for "I love you", WTF??? When I saw it, immediately thought of you, haaa haaaa!

    Cluss, in addition to giving them the music to memorize you have to teach them what they are singing, cause they have NO CLUE, that's the funniest part, when I tried to explain it to them the best I could(morir is die, right?) they were like huh, than just kept it movin'

    As for salsa, nahhhhh, let me just get through the "V" day dance for now. (light just went off) Unless we have a salsa night at your house or mine, hee heee!

    Mish - do you know country is the only thing they haven't been exposed to yet, I wonder how they would feel about it since I don't know if they have ever heard it, it can be soooo damn depressing and I am trying to stay away from that, as for you and me, Bring on the Cowboys(men not the team)!!!!! :)

    By Blogger Harmony, At 8:34 AM  

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