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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The trip to the zoo

So, I was all excited to take the girls to the "Childrens Museum", but the girls didn't seem to excited although they played along for my sake. I didn't even think that they are preteens and really don't have an interest in chillin' at the kiddie spot. So, while we are driving 45 minutes away to go we see a sign for the Zoo and both of the girls say can we go there, did you see the sign. We got off the exit and I asked someone for directions and we were on our way. Oh, and by the way, I didn't have a coat with me, cause I planned on being inside, not out, but I toughed it out. We found it and went in, of course it was deserted, well maybe about 6 others there too. We didn't look at the map or see what kind of animals there were, just started walking. First we came upon the tiger, it was sleeping. So, we kept walking, saw some other crazy animals. Then saw this beautiful area, took a couple pics and continued around and there she was this GORGEOUS lioness. So cool. So, we found this spot where we could see her real good and I took some pics, then she spotted us. She played it cool at first and then came right up to where we were. here comes the really amazing, once in a lifetime moment. While we were observing her, Trish put her hand on the glass and the lioness came right up to the glass and put her paw on it, then Trish and Ty started scratching at the glass like a cat would do and she started doing it back. It was so neat. I can't even come up with the words to express this experience. I can't wait to share the pics. I didn't get any of them pawing at each other because I was stuck on stupid in amazement. Then Tricia put her face right on the glass and the lioness started to lick the glass. After she was done showing off, she walked away like the queen and jumped up on the rocks like Lion King. We just all sat there and enjoyed the moment, the incredible experience and soaked in God's Blessing for the day. I wanted to call everyone and tell them. I wanted to tell the other six people in the zoo. So,after that nothing else was quite as exciting. The girls rubbed it in that they made a good choice to come or that would have never happened and I agreed with them.

Check out the pics:
Look at my baby's face, PRICELESS!!!!!!!

So is this face!!! This is one of those pics that I want to blow up for my girls to always have that precious moment

This was when she first start coming over to us, we were right on the otherside of the rock

Check out Tricia's face in this one

My Lion King pic

My little butterflies

My girls, so pretty!

How cute is this ugly face?

HEEE HEEEE this monkey was funny about the camera, I have lots of this little guy

And of course we visited the gift shop and they tried on the mask I couldn't resist


  • Rawr! So cool about the lioness. That was me actually.

    Love the masks! How freaking cute! Tyra's trying to steal my Venecian golden cat mask from me but now that she got herself her own maybe she won't need to steal mines?

    Love you ladies! (the mostest)

    By Blogger Claudette, At 11:18 AM  

  • Those are some awesome pics! Was that the DC Zoo?

    By Blogger MG, At 10:54 AM  

  • I protest! This blog is cold and lonely. Give me some love to work on please.

    Love you the mostest.

    By Blogger Claudia, At 9:59 AM  

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