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Friday, July 28, 2006

Back in the day......I reminisce, I reminisce

Happy Friday Lady Elements!

I don't remember what year Bug created this for us, but the pics are from a trip we took in 1999. Gosh we were so stinkin' cute, if anyone can see any of us in the pics being that we were all trying to squish in this little booth and then fight for picture space, it was hillarious, good memories, good times!!!! :)

Buggie, wasn't there more to this and do you still have it??? I need it!!!!!!!! please!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know the color version, this is all I got!!! Didn't have color printer then. I love this!!! It makes me smile and laugh so hard!!! :)


  • OMG, you almost got me to cry. Like, the eyes got misty and I sat here looking at the pics, remembering the good 'ol days. Didn't everything seem great back then? No problems, no drama, even financial woes meant nothing because we didn't pay those worries any mind really. We just concentrated on getting together and enjoying the vibes which seemed so easy back then. Wow, just, wow.

    Love you.

    Need coffee now that you stunned me like that. I wish I had the soft copy of this too. Bug, you put so much thought into this, it was just the best slide show ever. I'm surprised we didn't just play it over and over at our 'gay nights' back in the days as background visuals.


    Happy Friday!

    By Blogger Claudette, At 9:47 AM  

  • Cluss, I felt the same way. Talk about stunned, I was just going through random stuff and came across it, and I did cry!!! I'll have to add the pics of me and my babies, who were little then, not standing in our faces like they are now. I miss those easy days when we weren't all so busy with our own lives.

    By Blogger Harmony, At 9:57 AM  

  • This is gonna sound so so SO bad but man i can twist anything into being about me :P

    I am so jealous of this friendship. Not that you guys are such close friends but of the closeness and knowing each other for years.

    I so so so want that.

    and how many times can i say "so so so"

    Yall are beautiful girls :)

    By Blogger Tricia, At 11:22 AM  

  • Who do you love? Huh..huh? Who do you love?

    Ther person that has the electronic copy of this, that's who!

    (I am taking bribes starting...NOW!)

    I love this, and I have looked at it a good number of times since Bug first did it. I almost snotted my coffee reading some of that stuff. It is an awesome Friday surprise Harms.

    Now that Tricia has called us beautiful, I so want to meet her! Ha!

    By Blogger Marci (aka Baby Banana), At 12:27 PM  

  • Mish, send it, send it to me please, why is it notin my inbox already?! HUH!!!!! Hopefully I have convinced Trish to hang out more and you will meet her soon, meaning by the end of this year since we are all so freakin' busy.

    Trish, thanks darlin', we give thanks to Bennigans for bringing us all together during the time in our lives when we really needed the bond/friendship/family.

    WHERE'S my Lil' Bug??????

    By Blogger Harmony, At 1:26 PM  

  • Oh my gosh! What a surprise. We were such teeny people then. Aw. I love that. I don't even have that powerpoint anymore. I created it when I started at my company to learn how to use powerpoint better. It is filled with random graphs and stuff. I miss those days, too. And Tricia, you are a beautiful girl, too!!!

    By Blogger Buggie, At 9:37 PM  

  • My, how you have all grown.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:03 PM  

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