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Monday, November 14, 2005

What a wonderful reunion and way to celebrate my daughters' bday

My weekend was wonderful, I was off Friday. I went to my apartment to pack and I got my room, the kids room, my bathroom and the living room and dining room completely packed. All I have left is the hall bathroom, main closet and kitchen, YEAHHHHH!!! I was thinking, once the apartment in totally emptied we should have a get together, there will be lots of room! ;)

On Sat., moved some more boxes over and started getting stuff ready for the party. The kids were so excited and stayed out in the driveway as soon as the sun started going down awaiting everyone. Great-Grandma Joan, Grandma Max, and Grandpa arrived first. Then it seemed like everyone else should up all at once about five minutes apart. The girls were smiling from ear to ear non-stop and once they saw the cakes Mushie made for them.(pictures coming tomorrow) We all hung out for awhile snapped lots of pics, we threw on Monster-in-law and watched some of it. We did cake for the girls and they got the traditional face smooshing, opened presents. They were just some overwhelmed with all the presents and very thankful, said thank you to each person after they opened them. Then Kiem busted out a video from their third bday and we all watched it together, laughing our asses off, I mean hard. Tyra was all emotional from having everyone over and feeling like the "Old times" that the video set it off for her and she broke down in "happy" tears. She had a tight feeling in her chest and couldn't hold back her tears. It was really neat to watch, Aimee saw it all happen and said it was amazing to see her expression. It was a great party and I have never cooked so many eggs in my life, 30 eggs, it definitely is the most I have ever cooked at once. We had a great breakfast, Kiem put Tricia's scooter together, thanks Kiem. The kids played outside most of the day on Sunday, I napped a little. :) I love naps, my doggy does too. Than I remember the girls had science experiments do on Monday and we busted our butts to compelte the projects and boards for the science fair until 1030 Sunday night. What a great weekend. It was as emotional for me as it was my daughter, who explained she had a tight feeling in her chest watching the video and having everyone together again, my sweetie!!

I love you all.

M'ers/Busted, sorry you weren't able to join us later Sat. night, I was really looking forward to seeing you both, next time, PROMISE!!!


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