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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ex #1 and the visit

So, the visit with ex #1, "More" went good. We actually saw each other about a month ago, we went to a concert. I was so tired when I got to his house allllllll the way out in BFE Fredericksburg, so I climbed on his bed, kicked my shoes off and laid down for a few. We flipped through the channels, watched some of the stupidest movie ever made (can’t think of the name). Then he preformed a few of his most recent songs for me. This is always his favorite part of the night, whenever I go over there. He asked for a massage, here we go. So, I wasn’t really sure about this cause everyone knows where a good massage leads to and I am just not ready to go there yet, but I gave him a massage. I just made sure I kept it very platonic and did my best not to give off any sensual vibes, this usually comes naturally, but I think I did a good job. So when that was all over he asked me to crack his toes and than we just watched some more tv. I went and talked to his Mom for a little while, she was VERY excited to see me. She and I have always been very close, she said some of the family was asking about me just the other day, that was nice to hear. His nephew, Train, said we were just talking about you and the girls last night. He is very sweet, just turned 13. I met him when he was 8. So he dragged me back downstairs and we were lying in his bed, it about 2 now, and I am really tired. Here it comes, he tries to get jiggy wit it and I turn him down QUICK. He is really taken back by this cause he is used to getting his way, especially form me. He accepted it, I mean what choice did he have, but he was not happy. I told him to go take a cold shower and get over it. I explained my reasoning to him and he explained his. I know he still loves me, I can see it in his eyes and feel it when he is next to me. The funniest to me is that everything I have ever given him still remains in his room, most of the things in there exact places we chose, and even the hand made little keepsakes. That made me happy. Most people get rid of that stuff when a relationship is over and it’s been a little over two years. So, we will see how things go, but at least I have put it out there that I won’t be putting out.


  • "he asked me to crack his toes and than we just watched some more tv."

    Now that's keeping it real.

    By Blogger Claudette, At 2:00 PM  

  • I thin he may be the only person in the world that actually likes for me to crack his toes, everyone else hates it, but I do it anyway.

    By Blogger Harmony, At 4:30 PM  

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