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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Very crazy dream

I had a dream that Barbie was 9 months pregnant and ready to give birth any moment. We were walking around shopping when she went in to labor. We hurried home (not sure why home instead of hosp.) and called everyone and gather some things, Barbie made sandwiches and some fruit salad. We grabbed up all the stuff and threw it in to a suitcase and than WALKED, can you believe it, walked to the hospital, Barbie said I needed to stay on my exercise routine and I wasn’t going to be able to for a few days so get it in now. When we got to the hospital, which was more like a house, Danny, Claudia and my Mom met us up there. We all went in to the delivery room with the staff and I coached Barbie while Clussy wiped her face down with a wet wash cloth and chanted, Danny just stood next to her on the other side mouth dropped open, speechless and ghost like. Than the baby came out, it was a BIG baby, but here’s the funny part, it had red hair. (I think cause I have been playing with this baby at Aimee’s everyday and I love her, she has red hair and the baby looked like her to me) Nobody mentioned anything about it in the dream though. She was beautiful and her name was Madeleine. We called her Maddy. So, my Mom took her for a couple days so Barbie could re-coop and than I had her for a week while Danny and Barbie married, honey mooned and moved in together. Matia and my girls were with my Mom for the week. It was crazy, very real and I loved Maddy, Clussy and I both took the week off to care for her.

Then I woke up very confused, cause it was of those very realalistic dreams.

This is what the baby looked like when she came out:


  • Umm, something tells me that Danny was not the baby daddy then. ;-)

    Actually, that's a sweet dream. Very real, very involved. But Harms, when do you know me to chant? I mean, chant? [shaking head] I may wipe sweat off her face and tell her "look over on the other side of you, that lil Fucker did this to you, get 'im!". Hehe! A preggy woman, in mid-labor wailing on her 'MeHEcan' Lover. NUYCE! Sounds like one of the novelas on Telemundo.

    Chapter 2 next?

    Was I cussing people out in Spanish maybe and you THOUGHT I was chanting?

    By Blogger Claudette, At 10:58 AM  

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