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Monday, July 25, 2005

look at this funny thing!


  • Heh, that's cute! Do you update it online and it just shows up on your blog updated or something?

    By Blogger Claudette, At 4:39 PM  

  • Don't know how it works yet, I will have to lose some pounds to see. I climbed up all ten flights of stairs this morning and will do so from here on out. I actually broke a sweat form it.

    By Blogger Harmony, At 8:47 AM  

  • Wow, you're starting to inspire me over here! I love hearing your updates of how far you're getting with your fitness levels and stamina. I may have to take you on as my concubine soon enough. RAWR. ;-) ;-) ;-)

    By Blogger Claudette, At 11:03 AM  

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