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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Maxine...the mother

So, I finally opened up my card from my Mom that she gave me on my Birthday. The one she took back when I told her something she didn't like and told me I didn't deserve anything and then through back on the table before she stormed out the door.

She pretty much ruined my birthday, thank goodness it was the end of the night already, by acting like a spoiled rotten selfish brat. All day I wished she was going to call and say she wasn't coming, because I had a bad feeling she would so something ignorant.

So, over the weekend, I called and tried to muster out a sincere thankyou that I left on her voicemail. I wasn't expecting her to return a call or anything, in fact I hoped she didn't. The thing that pisses me off though is, the girls left her several messages over the weekend and she didn't bother to return their calls.

That's something so immature and petty, I never thought she would go that low to ignore her grandchildren, but at this point I won't put anything past her. I want to confront her on the situation but I am not sure how to w/o going off on her completely and saying or doing something I will regret. She has so fucked up. I am tried of making excuses for her to the girls, you know like I do about their father. I never thought I would have to for grandma. I just want to call her and tell her not to take it out on them and than part of me is like maybe they are better off right now not being around her cause she is "Crazy" right now for real.

GET over it Max, you are not the mother anymore, missed out on that opportunity.


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